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Director and Senior Vice President; Group Executive, Process Technology Business GroupRyohei Iwasaki

Driving Greater Growth with the First
New Business Group in a Quarter Century

Newly established in April 2018, our business group features the combination of the HPC-related (ceramics for semiconductor manufacturing equipment) business previously handled by the Electronics Business Group and the industrial process business previously handled by the Ceramic Products Business Group. For the first time in a quarter century, NGK group started up a new business group.
Our aim is to realize further growth of the rapidly growing HPC-related business, which is becoming the second backbone after the automotive-business group, and the industrial process business, which has the high potential of business development in a wide range of fields.
From the strong growth of the HPC-related business, the results for fiscal 2017 based on new segment were promising, achieving net sales of 94.7 billion yen and operating income of 17.1 billion yen.
In fiscal 2018, we expect the increase in revenues and profits compared to the previous fiscal year, with net sales of 110 billion yen and operating income of 19 billion yen.
Revenues and profits for the HPC-related business are expected to increase as a result of increase in capital investment by semiconductor manufacturers. Industrial process business is also expected to see increase in revenues led by the continuous investment in lithium-ion batteries on Chinese automobiles and the installation of low-level radioactive waste treatment equipment used to process logging trees for the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

Future Outlook

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