Electronic Components Business

NGK's proprietary high-precision ceramics technologies contribute to advances in electronics.

Applying our proprietary ceramics technologies, we can supply various products such as piezoelectric microactuators, high frequency components and mold-cast ceramics.

Gallium nitride (GaN) wafers NGK Insulator's original crystal growth technology has produced wafers with a low defect density across the entire wafer surface. Enabling unprecedented ultra-high brightness in lasers and LEDs, these wafers can be used as light sources in applications such as projectors and stadium lighting.
Micro-lenses for ultraviolet LEDs Ultraviolet LEDs are used in sterilizing and hardening resins. NGK Insulators has developed an extremely small lens with a reduced irradiation range that improves the LEDs' sterilizing effect. These lenses utilize quartz glass with superior transparency and durability, allowing them to produce complex shapes that were formerly difficult to achieve.

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