Base Wafer for CMOS


With HICERAM's density and NGK's processing technology, we have realized a base wafer with high level of surface flatness. With ceramic forming technology, enlargement is possible, serving as a substitute substrate for sapphire contributing to higher the performance of high frequency CMOS devices.

We offer insulating base substrate that works as a substitute for sapphire material.


Interface of Silicon-HICERAM direct bonding

NGK's original high purity translucent Alumina


  • High level of surface flatness ceramic wafer using NGK's original material of high purity and high density alumina; HICERAM
  • With high cleanliness and precise flatness of the surface, NGK realizes direct-bonding.
  • Large sizes up to 12 inch are available.

Comparison of Material Properties

Wafer Diameterinch 4 - 12
Wafer Thicknessmm 0.3 - 1.5
Surface Roughnessnm Ra: < 2.0 Rt: < 20
Shaping (Warp)um < 100 (8,12Φ)
Metallic Contamination
(Na, K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Zn, Ni, Fe)
Atoms/cm2 < 1.0x1011

Possible Applications

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