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Bonded Wafer for SAW Filter Application


With its precise polishing and wafer bonding technology, NGK offers wafers for SAW filters.

  • By bonding silicon that has low thermal expansion and high quality single crystal piezoelectric substrate, we make it possible to improve thermal behavior without affecting its function.
  • With NGK's polishing technology, thickness of piezoelectric layer can be adjusted with high precision.
  • Size is available up to 6 inch.


  • By bonding Silicon and Piezoelectric Material, piezoelectric material is able to function without effect from heat.
  • NGK earns high credibility with its original bonding technology.

Possibility of Bonded Wafer

Variety of material combination is possible.
Semiconductor crystal and piezoelectric crystal as functioning layer, and single crystal, polycrystal(ceramic), glass(amorphous) material as base substrate can be bonded respectively. With such combination, qualities such as insulation, heat conductivity, heat expansion can be improved.

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