High-Temperature Dust Collector

The black carbon removal equipment CERALLEC SYSTEM for ship diesel main engines


Exhaust gas regulations are expected to spread not only to the fields of automobiles but also to ship in the near future.

NGK has many track records on soot removal from exhaust gases of diesel generators of ships and are developing applications for main engines.

Through this research, NGK established that CERALLEC SYSTEM can treat for exhaust gases with much tars from main diesel engine directly

Test results

The field test with exhaust gas from main engine on the actual ship was carried out. -> confirmed "stable operation."

  • Test device

  • The soot removal ratio -> 95% over

    Dust conc. In exhaust gas

    Soot removal

  • The differential pressure -> stable 1100 hours with backflush & heat regeneration

The effect on SCR and Scrubber circulating water was investigated by land test. ⇒ confirmed "load reduction"

  • Integration test flow

  • The turbulence increase of Scrubber circulating water ⇒ gently

    The relationship between operating time and turbidity of circulating water in scrubber

    Scrubber circulating water

  • The differential pressure of SCR ⇒ stable with CERALLEC

    The relationship between operating time and the differential pressure of the SCR system

    Catalyst surface

This research was carried out jointly by DAIICHI CHUO KISEN KAISHA, National Maritime Research Institute and NGK INSULATORS as part of the ClassNK Joint R&D for Indutry Program.

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