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Since its establishment, NGK has been engaged in manufacturing ceramic insulators and is now recognized as a leading manufacturer throughout the world. Over the past years, NGK developed O2 analyzers using technology based on ZIRCONIA. Most recently, NGK has produced various instruments independently or together with other manufacturers by adapting unique technology based on ZIRCONIA and INFRA-RED rays. NGK now offers a complete range of measuring instruments in addition to consultation on instrumentation and various system components.

Selection Table by Industries

IndustryFacility and Application Models by Measuring Principle
FoodstuffsMonitoring atmosphere in foodstuff storage SH-IID 
Paper and PulpMeasuring water content of chips and paper  
Measuring O2 content in soda recovery boiler TF-III
TextilesMeasuring O2 content in industrial boilers TF-10
Petroleum and PetrochemicalsMeasuring O2 content in industrial boilers TF-10
GasesMeasuring O2 in units generating N2 SH-IID
Ceramics and Fine CeramicsAtmosphere measuring of kilns SH-IID
Iron and SteelMeasuring water content of raw materials for sintering and coal for coke charging  
Measuring dust in sintering, blast, and revolving furnaces ISS-101
Measuring gas components in continuous annealing plantsTF-IIIIAG-500
Measuring N2, O2, Ar, etc. in oxygen plants and othersSH-IID 
Measuring O2 in exhaust gases of hot blast stoves, heating and soaking furnaces TF-III
Measuring O2 in exhaust gases of industrial boilers TF-III
Metallic Products and Machine PartsAtmospheric control of oil carbonizing and thermal refining ovens CP 
Primer Movers and ShipbuildingIndustrial boiler, inert gas system TF-10
Industrial MachineryIndustrial boilers, Measuring NOX in desulfurizing units TFN-10D101
Semi Conductors and Electronic PartsMeasuring O2 for various types of furnace SH-IID 
Measuring O2 in reflow furnacesSH-201
Measuring O2 in diffusion furnaces SH-301
AutomotiveAtmospheric control oil carbonizing and thermal refining ovens CP 
Power StationMeasuring O2 at outlet of boiler economizer MLP-10
Measuring O2 in boiler window boxTF-12 
Measuring dust at outlet of electric precipitator boiler (EP)  ISS-101
Measuring NOX in desulfurizing units TFN-20D201 
IncineratorsMeasuring O2 TF-10
Measuring NOX and SO2 at inlet of smokestack IAG-500
Measuring dust at inlet of smokestack ISS-101

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