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Tunnel Kiln New tunnel kiln succeeded to shorten the firing time due to the employment of the diffusion burner, which was more advanced in its uniformity than the former model. In order to conserve energy, new tunnel kiln was constructed by the materials made of ceramic fibers and applied NEWSIC as a material of the shelves for the kiln cars. It is widely available from firing tiles to firing refractories in the super high temperature furnace.
Shuttle Kiln The high-performance shuttle kiln has achieved the rapid firing and the temperature uniformity inside the kiln by applying lightweight refractories made of ceramic fiber and adopting unique combusting system. By programming different patterns of operation in the kiln, the production of many kinds of products and also the small-lot production became available. Shuttle kiln is employed for the production of various products, such as tableware, sanitary ware, bricks, and electronic components.
Far Infrared Ray Heating System The ceramic heater INFRASTEIN, which is superior in its radiation efficiency of far infrared ray, has been used in the various fields, such as heating resin, drying paint, and roasting coffee beans, as the clean heating system.
Hi-cycle Regenerative Combustion System HRS is a newly developed energy-saving combustion system, which contains honeycomb ceramics to exchange the heat from exhaust gas to combustion air by switching the operation mode. Fuel gas consumption rate can be reduced by recovering the heat from the exhaust gas for the combustion air. According to the kiln experiment, 45% of energy saving was attained.

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