Current Limiting Arcing Horn (CLAH) - Smart distribution arrester

CLAH with rubber molded ZnO elements and ring horn interrupts power follow current by lightning flashover.

  • No service interruption (no circuit breaker tripping out)
  • Protection of distribution line against lightning

Advantages over conventional arrester

Excellent protection performance

Lower discharge voltage than gappless arrester

Maintenance free

No deterioration of ZnO elements and rubber housing by external series air gap

Easy installation

CLAH can be easily installed to insulator without

connecting lead wire and touching the energized part.
You have only to install it onto the earth side hardware of insulator.

Fig. and photo. : 24kV CLAH

Fig. and photo. : 24kV CLAH

Over 10million CLAH are used on Japanese and overseas power customers

Field data shows greatest effect of CLAH

Line faults by lightning are remarkably reduced as installation numbers of CLAH increases.

No deterioration problem

Not once have deterioration faults reported. (water immersion, tracking of housing, ZnO thermal runaway, etc.)

Inquiry about CLAH

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