Suspension Insulators

EHV & UHV Service Experiences

Transmission lines with higher system-voltage carry greater power flow. They serve the role of trunk feeder in the delivery of power. Instability in EHV and UHV line operation may cause great negative impact on the entire power system.

Thus, insulators for EHV and UHV transmission lines require not only endurance against higher electrical and mechanical stress but must also ensure uniformly high quality to maintain the reliability of system operation.

NGK insulators have been the choice for the majority of the world's EHV and UHV transmission projects because of quality and performance. Successful long-term service experience in higher system voltage illustrate the reliability and quality of NGK suspension insulators.

  • 1,000 kV Kashiwazaki - Karima - Higashi Yamanashi, Japan
  • 1,000 kV Minami Iwaki - Nishi Gunma, Japan
  • 800 kV Anpara - Unanao, India
  • 735 kV Levis - Des Castos, Canada
  • 800 kV Kishenpur - Moge, India
  • 800 kV Guri - Sur - Arenosa, Venezuela
  • 765 kV Amos - North Protrvilk, U.S.A

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