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NGK: Not Just a Brand Name

NGK's assets include not only excellent production facilities and equipment but also expert knowledge on insulation and insulation-related subjects, amassed and analyzed from long years of field experience and tests performed at our High Voltage Laboratory.

High Voltage Laboratory


Contamination is one of the major problems that disturb the reliable operation of power transmission and distribution networks. The optimum design of insulators for a specific field of environment depends on the type and the degree of contamination. The appropriate selection of insulator design minimizes any probability of flashover caused by contamination.

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Insulation for direct current transmission is totally different from that of AC transmission. The behavior of local discharge on the insulator is different from that of AC transmission. The problems of ion migration and thermal runaway in the material of the body of the insulator are matters to be considered only in the case of DC applications. To suppress the problems unique to DC and enable the reliable operation of DC power systems, insulators for DC applications require design and materials different from AC applications.

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Lightning Protection

Lightning is definitely a major cause of disturbances in power delivery and may give physical damage to transmission and distribution lines. NGK's Line Arresters and Current Limiting Arcing Horns (CLAH) are effective solutions for these problems.

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