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RoHS Recast - Abolition of 'the priority 37 substances list'

November 17, 2010
Metals Division

Beryllium has been excluded from priority assessment under RoHS !

Recently, web news noted the priority 37 substances list which had been proposed by the parliament's environment committee was abolished at the final trialogue meeting of the European Parliament, European Commission and Council of Ministers of November 8th.

The priority 37 substances list was reportedly dropped due to the lack of sound scientific basis in deciding priority assessment.

Beryllium copper (CuBe) alloy is used in a wide variety of demanding applications ranging from electronic devices to electrical components of automobiles, and is instrumental in achieving product miniaturization and improved reliability. The market recognizes that CuBe alloy offers superior performance, making substitution difficult; therefore, CuBe alloy continues to prove indispensable to society.

We believe that CuBe alloy makes a social contribution, and there is very little chance that CuBe alloy will be restricted under environmental laws.

The Beryllium Consortium with our European subsidiary has completed a hazard and risk assessment required under the EU REACH regulation. We feel the publication of the risk assessment results will affirm that the environmental risks of beryllium or beryllium alloys are low .

Term Explanation

the RoHS Directive

  • EU Directive restricting certain hazardous substances in electric and electronic device
  • Within this year, restricted substances under RoHS will be reviewed in 4 years

priority assessment substance

  • the substances identified for possible future restrictions under the RoHS Directive
  • 37 substances list had included Cobalt dichloride, Aluminosilicate Refractory Ceramic Fibres, 'Beryllium and its compounds' and so on.
  • The four substances (HBCDD, DEHP, BBP and DBP) originally proposed by the Commission will be mentioned in a non-binding recital.

Source: IPC: IPC Lobbying Efforts Pay Off: MEPs Agree to Drop List of Priority Substances


Docment No.: E2-10074-R0

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