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Position of beryllium under the REACH Regulation

March 28, 2011
Metals Division

In November 2010, our European subsidiaries completed registration of beryllium under the REACH Regulation.

A hazard assessment performed in preparation of registration by the Beryllium Consortium with our European subsidiary found that metallic beryllium, unlike beryllium compounds, poses no clear hazards. We immediately published the results in a series of medical papers, informed administrative bodies responsible for establishing chemical laws, and have requested Western evaluation organizations to reclassify the hazard rank of beryllium. At present, there are no laws to ban the use of beryllium. We hope that pertinent chemical laws are formulated, fully considering the recent assessment results.

As already mentioned, beryllium copper (BeCu) alloy coils that our company provides for each market do not receive any limitation under the REACH Regulation 1). From the above-mentioned assessment results, it is highly unlikely that metallic beryllium will be designated as a SVHC at an early stage 2). Even if metallic beryllium is designated as a SVHC from equating it with beryllium compounds, BeCu alloy coils that our company provides are exempt from REACH "Authorization" because they are defined as articles 3).

BeCu alloy is used in a wide variety of demanding applications ranging from electronic devices to electrical components of automobiles, and is instrumental in achieving product miniaturization and improved reliability. The market recognizes that BeCu alloy offers superior performance, making substitution difficult; therefore, BeCu alloy continues to prove indispensable to society.

We strive to clearly identify the environmental risks of BeCu alloys, and try to create a comfortable environment for your BeCu use.


Docment No.: E2-11029-R0

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