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Chill Vent

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Q1 What are the advantages of NGK Chill-Vent?
A1 There are 3 main advantages:
  • Allows extremely large cross section to improve gas flow.
  • Eliminates aluminum eruption and Al/Vent reactions.
  • Simplifies die design to reduce mold size.
Q2 Why is it possible to enlarge the cross section?
A2 NGK Chill-Vent utilizes Beryllium Copper alloy (BeA-MC9) which has 5 times the thermal conductivity of tool steel.
This means that NGK Chill-Vent has 5 times the cooling rate.
Q3 Why are aluminum/vent reactions eliminated?
A3 The main reason is adoption of Beryllium Copper alloy.
Aluminum is rapidly cooled and solidified by NGK Chill-Vent before reactions can take place.
Q4 How compact is the design?
A4 NGK Chill-Vent is only half the size of steel designs needed under the same die casting conditions according to in-house comparisons.
Q5 What is the difference between NGK Chill-Vent and C-block?
A5 NGK Chill-Vent
-Be-Cu chill-vent is made to order per customer's specification.
-NGK's U.S. patented standard chill-vent is ready-made.
Q6 Are there any important points for use ?
A6 Be sure to pass coolant through the inside.
Q7 Is there any damage from aluminum erosion?
A7 In general there should be no erosion problem because Chill-Vent is mounted away from the aluminum intake.
Q8 How durable is NGK Chill-Vent?
A8 NGK Chill-Vents have now been used to mass produce over 100,000 shots without problems, Beryllium Copper alloy has superior hardness and strength compared with other copper alloys.
Q9 Is there any mechanical damage due to embedded aluminum fragments?
A9 If aluminum fragments remain inside the Chill-Vent, it may lead to mechanical damage.
An air-blowing system should be used to reduce problems.
Q10 What is the role of Guide Frame for C-block?
A10 Guide Frame is optionally available to prevent damage, for example, from being bumped or hit with a hammer.
Q11 Is Guide Frame always necessary?
A11 No, it is only required in rare cases.
Many users adopt NGK Chill-Vent for 250T-2500T D/C machine without the Guide Frame.
Q12 What are other technologies related to NGK Chill-Vent?
A12 NGK offers the following technologies:
  • Be-Cu is available for various types of permanent molds such as LPDC, GDC and shell mold.NGK has much experience in the design and manufacture of Be-Cu molds.
  • Additionally, NGK's original coating technique is available for preventive maintenance.
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