Ancillary, Investment Deferral

Ancillary, Investment Deferral

Ancillary Services

Imbalance between demand and supply could cause frequency fluctuation. NAS batteries can achieve minimization of frequency fluctuation by utilizing their high-speed response.

Investment Deferral

NAS batteries can defer or eliminate the need for transmission and distribution upgrades. Power can be imported into a transmission constrained area when loads are light, charging NAS batteries that are positioned nearby. During peak load, NAS batteries are discharged to supplement the power from the at-capacity transmission lines.

Case study

Balancing Supply and Demand Using Long-Duration Energy Storage Systems

Fukuoka, Japan Operation since 2016

50MW/300MWh NAS battery system at the Buzen storage battery substation Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. (supplied through Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)

Solar power generation is expected to exceed power demand especially during the daytime in spring and autumn when power demand is low. This NAS battery system optimizes the balance of supply and demand of power by absorbing excess solar power to avoid limiting solar power output.

Mitigation of Transmission Congestion and Losses

Campania Region, Italy Operation since 2015

Total 34.8MW/250MWh NAS battery systems at three substations Terna S.p.A.

This is the first large-scale battery project directly operated by TSO (Transmission System Operator) in order to manage transmission line congestion caused by variable renewable energy generated in the south. Grid congestion is mitigated by activation of the charging phase. The energy storage function also integrates renewables by balancing supply and demand.

Load Leveling

Abu Dhabi, UAE Operation since 2010

Total 108MW/648MWh NAS battery systems at several substations Abu Dhabi Department of Energy

These NAS battery systems deployed at several distribution substations (4-40MW/site) level the load curve, thereby reducing the use of high-cost and peak-load thermal generation.

Peak Shaving and Backup Reserve

Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada Operation since 2013

1MW/6MWh NAS battery system BC Hydro and Power Authority

This NAS battery system supplies clean backup power to a remote area in the Canadian Rockies in the event of a power outage and reduce system load during periods of high demand.

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