Industrial, Commercial & Residential

Industrial, Commercial & Residential

Peak Shaving

NAS batteries can reduce peak demand automatically by simply setting the desired peak threshold. This can be used to reduce demand charges for users with fluctuating loads.

Backup Power and Resilience

NAS batteries can provide continuous power to critical loads for six hours or more in the event of grid outages. In addition to providing multi-hour backup, NAS batteries can also provide other functions, including peak shaving, demand charge reduction, solar power storage, and management of power quality. With solar or other local power generation, additional resilience can be provided by using NAS batteries in a microgrid configuration with islanding (self sustaining) capability.

Storage of Local Solar Power

The rapidly declining cost of solar power has led to widespread deployment of solar power generation by end users. NAS batteries can reduce or eliminate grid power usage by timeshifting excess solar power from daytime to nighttime, and can also cut grid costs for end users by simultaneously providing solar power storage, peak shaving and demand charge reduction.

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