Social Media Policy

NGK Insulators, Ltd. ("We" or "NGK" hereinafter) will operate its own official SNS*accounts for public relations activities. We plan to administer our official SNS accounts as follows, in full recognition of the impact such activities may have upon society and our corresponding responsibilities.

* SNS refers to a Social Networking Service.

  • We are aware that we are socially accepted enterprise and will administer our accounts in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • We will use social media to listen more keenly to our customers.
  • We will appropriately manage all personal information we obtain pursuant to our Privacy Policy .
  • We will duly respect and refrain from infringing on copyrights, intellectual property rights, privacy rights, and any other rights of third parties.

Purpose of using social media

We will provide information and communicate via social media (e.g., Twitter, YouTube) for the purpose of widely publicizing the NGK group and its activities.

Official SNS accounts

Our official SNS accounts ("NGK Official SNS Accounts" hereinafter) are as follows:

Terms of Use for Official NGK SNS Accounts

We have established the NGK Official SNS Account Terms of Use ("Terms of Use" hereinafter) for anyone wishing to access an NGK Official SNS Account ("User" hereinafter). Please read these Terms of Use and access NGK Official SNS Accounts after giving consent to the content enough.

1. Response to user posts

We may respond to posts or direct messages from Users on the NGK Official SNS Account. However, we make no commitment regarding our response to such posts or direct messages.

2. Prohibited posts

  • We may delete or report any post on the NGK Official SNS Account falling into the following categories without notifying the User. Additionally, we may block the corresponding User's account temporarily or permanently or take other appropriate action.
    • Any post violating laws or regulations or socially accepted norms of behavior and ethical standards
    • Any post with apparent criminal intentions or expressing incitement to crime
    • Any post containing personal information without the consent of the subject of the information
    • Any post that attacks or criticizes, damages the reputation or credibility of, or slanders a particular individual or organization
    • Any posts containing adult content
    • Any posts on racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, or political topics
    • Any post constituting discrimination based on race, thought, creed, etc. or encouraging such discrimination
    • Any post related to political activities, election campaigns, religious activities, or other activities similar thereto
    • Any post whose sole purpose is to foment rumors or which contains false information
    • Any post appearing to have been made by an individual impersonating NGK personnel or third party
    • Any post containing harmful programs or other malicious content
    • Any post infringing any rights such as trademark rights, copyrights, any other intellectual rights, portrait rights, or privacy of any third parties or NGK
    • Any post that may cause inconveniences, disadvantages, or damages to third parties, NGK, or any NGK employee
    • Any post prohibited by the social media operator
    • Any post constituting interference with the administration of or otherwise disrupting the NGK Official SNS Account
    • Any post violating these Terms of Use or discussing matters with no relevance to the NGK Official SNS Account
    • Any post demonstrating profit-making or commercial motivations
    • Any post that alters the whole or any part of messages from the NGK Official SNS Account
    • Any post that NGK otherwise deems inappropriate
  • We may take the actions set forth in the preceding paragraph at our discretion in response to any posts other than those set forth in the preceding paragraph.

3. Following, sharing, retweeting

If necessary, we may follow other accounts, push the "like" button on other accounts' posts, or share posts therefrom (by sharing, retweeting, and so forth), as well as terminate or delete such sharing.

4. Compensation for damages

  • We may seek compensation from Users for damages attributable to their conduct.
  • Any User whose use of the NGK Official SNS Account results in damages to a third party shall be solely responsible for settling associated damages on his/her own responsibility and at his/her own expense.

5. Intellectual property rights

  • Copyrights, moral rights of the author, and other intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, patents, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, and know-how) regarding information displayed on the NGK Official SNS Account shall belong to NGK or to the rightful rights holders.
  • Users agree to grant to NGK worldwide nonexclusive royalty-free rights to use (including, but not limited to, editing, excerpting, reproducing, making public, and translating) their posts on the NGK Official SNS Account. Users agree not to exercise copyrights and/or moral rights of the author or other intellectual property rights regarding their posts.

6. Personal information

We will manage personal information obtained from User posts on the NGK Official SNS Account pursuant to our Privacy Policy .

7. Disclaimer

  • The information provided on the NGK Official SNS Account has been prepared and presented with the utmost care. Nevertheless, we make no warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, integrity, usefulness, reliability, safety (including freedom from functional interruptions, errors, and computer viruses and other harmful content), or the fitness of such information for the User's purposes. We assume no responsibility for any damages arising from the User's use of such information or of the NGK Official SNS Account. All Users should confirm that they understand foregoing before reading and using the information.
  • The information presented on the NGK Official SNS Account does not necessarily reflect official announcements or positions. Our official announcements and positions will be made public on NGK Insulators' official website and through news releases. Posts by Users on the NGK Official SNS Account are not prompted by NGK and do not reflect NGK's position.
  • We assume no responsibility for damages, disadvantages, or problems experienced by Users in connection with their use of the NGK Official SNS Account.
  • We assume no responsibility for any problems or disputes arising between Users or between a User and a third party in connection with the NGK Official SNS Account.
  • We assume no responsibility for any damages, loss, costs, or expenses suffered by Users due to the temporary shutdown or termination of or other inability to access the NGK Official SNS Account.

8. Revisions of These Terms

We may revise these Terms of Use without notice. Please review the latest version before use. A revised version of these Terms of Use shall take effect at the time it is made public on our website or by other reasonable method.

9. Governing law and jurisdiction

  • These Terms of Use shall be governed by and interpreted and applied in accordance with the laws of Japan. Any issues arising in connection with a User's use of the NGK Official SNS Account that cannot be resolved under these Terms of Use shall be resolved through good-faith consultations between NGK and the User.
  • The Nagoya District Court shall serve as the court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance in the event of legal action arising from use of the NGK Official SNS Account.

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