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Basic Approach

The NGK Group engages in the creation of quality from the customer's perspective by defining Quality Objectives each year in accordance with the Quality Policy based on the NGK Group Guidelines for Corporate Behavior.

Quality Activity System

The NGK quality activity system consists of a company-wide system, led by the Quality Committee Chair, and business division internal activity systems, led by the heads of each business division. In terms of company-wide activities, the Quality Committee was established to function as a deliberative body assisting the Quality Committee Chair, while business division internal activity systems were put in place for each business line, creating appropriate quality systems for each. Quality assurance, quality control, quality improvements, and quality education activities are promoted by the acquisition of ISO 9001 or IATF 16949 certification.

Quality Activities at Overseas Production Bases

From their inception, overseas production bases have created quality systems appropriate to their situations and acquired ISO 9001 or IATF 16949 certification.
Monthly reports from each base regarding customer complaints and the status of manufacturing quality are discussed at quality activity meetings, enabling the entire NGK Group to evaluate the quality status in a timely manner. Moreover, quality activity rules and annual quality objectives are developed in an attempt to develop and enhance quality activities.

QuiC Activities to Improve Quality with Full Employee Participation

Since 2003, the NGK Group has held QuiC (Quality up innovation Challenge) quality improvement activities in which all employees participate. These activities consist of quality improvement activities by small groups and suggestions that strive to enhance the quality of products and work; the best practices are shared by the entire NGK Group. Every July, NGK holds a company-wide contest at its headquarters to highlight examples of outstanding improvement activities with the intent of horizontal expansion throughout the company.
The fiscal 2017 contest was held over two days, marking the first time that the manufacturing and non-manufacturing divisions' challenges were separated.

Fiscal 2017 suggestion activity participation rate

Manufacturing divisions 98%
Non-manufacturing divisions 93%
Number of suggestions approximately 38,000
Among manufacturing practices, the Metal Manufacturing Department received its first-ever award for its analytical approach to eliminating customer issues, which was developed from a theory derived from ample data