With Society

Communication with Stakeholders

System for Making Use of Customer Feedback in Management

Establishment of a Customer Consultation Helpdesk

As the top industrial ceramics manufacturer in the industry, NGK makes use of its accumulated technologies to manufacture and sell C1 home-use water purifiers and promotes the creation of mechanisms for reflecting customer feedback.

Dialogue with Employees

Distributing the Latest Information on CSR Activities on the CSR-Web

The CSR-Web was established on our intranet to introduce Group CSR initiatives with the intent of inculcating an awareness of CSR among all NGK domestic Group employees. And we are in an attempt to provide a wealth of content only available on this website.
In fiscal 2016, we started publishing a monthly Compliance Newsletter, introducing and explaining familiar themes with four-frame comics.

Communication Activities with Procurement Partners

Earnings Presentations for Suppliers

NGK held an earnings presentation meeting for major suppliers in June 2018, which was attended by 234 participants from 127 companies.

Suppliers invited to the earnings presentation

Ongoing Operation of the Supplier Helpline

In 2008, NGK established the supplier helpline system. Receiving consultation via e-mail, fax, and telephone, we make an effort to respond with solutions quickly.

Visiting Individual Suppliers in Japan and Overseas

In order to ensure procurement from the most appropriate suppliers, NGK visits individual suppliers in Japan and overseas to conduct on-site audits, evaluating their QCD (quality, cost, and delivery) performance in a fair and equitable manner. In fiscal 2018, we visited a total of 127 suppliers: 12 new suppliers and 115 existing suppliers.
Following the visit, we explained audit results to each company, and asked them to conduct improvement measures in underperforming areas. Through these activities, we strive to strengthen our QCD management system as well as to communicate with our suppliers to forge a relationship of mutual trust.