Preservation of Global Environment

Environmental Management

Environmental Management Frameworks and Environmental Management System

The NGK Group promotes environmental conservation activities in accordance with our Core Policy on the Environment through initiatives pertaining to environmental management frameworks and the Environmental Management System (EMS) implemented by global Group companies working in conjunction with one another.

Consolidated Environmental Management Promotion System

In addition to environmental management systems built at Nagoya, Chita and Komaki Sites and Ishikawa Plant, we have established a consolidated management system to control environmental activities at all domestic and overseas Group companies under the leadership of each Business Group.

Environmental Management System (ISO14001, etc.) Initiatives

We encourage the acquisition of ISO 14001 or third-party certifications meeting this standard to systematically and continuously develop its environmental conservation activities in line with NGK's Core Policy on the Environment. Certification in appropriate environmental management systems has been almost fully completed for the entire Group including overseas companies.

Environmental Risk Management

In addition to efforts to prevent environmental pollution, including atmospheric and water pollution, we periodically review our environmental management framework to prevent accidents. We also conduct emergency response training to prepare for unlikely but possible accident events.

Strengthening Environmental Management Linked to Business Planning

We develop environmental impact reduction initiatives linked to business plans, evaluating results and forecasting trends semiannually to plan and review future initiatives.

Strengthening Global Environmental Management

We expand our environmental impact reduction initiatives practiced in Japan to overseas Group companies. We have also built systems to ensure appropriate responses to each applicable revision of environmental laws and regulations.

Environmental Accounting

We have introduced environmental accounting as an important environmental management index, and publicly report accounting results.

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