Environmental Management

The NGK Group promotes environmental conservation activities in accordance with our Core Policy on the Environment through initiatives pertaining to environmental management frameworks and the Environmental Management System (EMS) implemented by global Group companies working in conjunction with one another.

Consolidated Environmental Management Promotion System

In addition to environmental management systems built independently at each site of NGK, we have established a consolidated management system to control environmental activities at all domestic and overseas Group companies under the leadership of each Business Group.

Environmental Management System (ISO 14001, etc.) Initiatives

The NGK Group encourages the acquisition of ISO 14001 or third-party certifications meeting this standard to systematically and continuously develop its environmental conservation activities in line with NGK's Core Policy on the Environment. Under this initiative, a total of 42 manufacturing sites, including those in Nagoya, Chita, Komaki, and Ishikawa, have been certified appropriately.
We will work to expand the certification initiative within the Group, particularly targeting new plants. The Group will make effective use of these environmental management systems going forward with the intention of reinforcing its environmental management.

Certification of Environmental Management System

Categories No. of Manufacturing bases No. of Bases certified
NGK 4 4
Domestic Group Power Business 6 3
Ceramic Products Business 5 5
Electronics Business 12 12
Overseas Group Power Business 4 3
Ceramic Products Business 10 8
Electronics Business 7 7

The counting method of manufacturing bases was changed in fiscal 2016.

Environmental Audits

NGK conducts internal audits and external audits (surveillance by third parties) of the environmental management system at the Nagoya, Chita, and Komaki sites, as well as the Ishikawa Plant. Group companies also conduct these same internal audits, and external reviews of the environmental management systems are conducted by external auditors at all Group companies.
In fiscal 2017, in the same way as with the previous year, there were no significant findings. In the event of a significant finding, the relevant division and Environmental Management Dept. work together to review and implement countermeasures, as well as inform environmental committees in each area in an attempt to horizontally deploy these measures.

Environmental Risk Management

At the NGK Group, each manufacturing site has individually established environmental management systems to prevent environmental pollution. Each site periodically performs self- evaluation of its environmental risk management activities and reports evaluation results to NGK headquarters. Headquarters confirms the results and gives advice and support for improvement, as necessary. Thus, we are working to improve the management level for the entire Group.

Strengthening of Global Environmental Management

In accordance with the Guidelines for Environmental Action, the NGK Group horizontally deploys domestic environmental impact reduction initiatives in overseas Group companies while creating mechanisms to strictly comply with amendments to environmental laws and regulations to propel our global environmental management to the next level.