Five-Year Environmental Action Plan

The NGK Group organizes environmental initiatives by creating five-year action plans. The Fourth Five-Year Environmental Action Plan, initiated in fiscal 2016, has been formulated to broadly encompass major global environmental challenges that businesses are expected to take, and to select two key issues each for two groups of themes, namely, priority themes and focus themes.

Five-Year Environmental Action Plan Progress Report

In our Fourth Five-Year Environmental Action Plan, in addition to reducing CO2 emissions and discarded materials that we have been focusing on, we have made the sales growth of products contributing to environmental protection as a top priority.
For focus themes, we also address measures to cope with water resource risk and biodiversity conservation.
In fiscal 2017, the annual goals for nearly all of the cumulative quantitative goals were achieved, while progress on other items proceeded according to the plan established at the start of the period. In particular, the efforts undertaken by NGK's business groups produced results for basic unit per net sales for discarded materials that significantly exceeded the annual goal. And the target reduction rate against BAU for CO2 and discarded materials was achieved ahead of schedule and was, therefore, adjusted upwards.

*1: Self-evaluation standards for achievement level: ○: Target achieved; ×: Target not achieved
*2: Reduction rate against BAU (business as usual) indicates the percentage rate of emissions reduction resulting from implemented actions against a computed value for the hypothetical absence of the actions. By not incorporating the influence of foreign exchange movements and other factors, this indicator allows a direct grasp of the efforts by each site.
*3: NGK basic unit per transport volume expresses in metric ton-kilometers the amount of crude oil equivalent fuel used.
*4: Based on the computation criteria stipulated in the Act on the Rational Use of Energy.