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Cooperation with Local Communities and Promotion of Contributions to Society

The NGK Group is concerned about social issues in all nations and regions. We engage in social contribution activities in response to needs in each region in an aim to become a corporate citizen trusted by local communities.

Basic Approach

The NGK Group promotes social contribution activities based on the following concepts.

Social Contribution Activity Promotion System

At the NGK Group, social contribution activities are promoted under the leadership of the Social Contribution Subcommittee, which is chaired by the general manager of the General Affairs Department and reports to the CSR Committee.
NGK collects reports from Group companies in and outside of Japan on their activities. In fiscal 2019, a total of 76 reports were received.

Social Contribution Activity Promotion Status

FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Social contribution expenditures 346
million yen
million yen
million yen
million yen
million yen
Number of social contribution programs 9 10 10 10 13
Number of collaborations with NPOs/NGOs 4 4 4 4 4

Breakdown of Activities

Graph showing progress with social contribution activities. In fiscal 2019, we spent 237 million yen on social contribution activities. The breakdown was 25% for education and social research, 18% for academic research, and 17% for regional activities and preservation of historic sites and traditional culture.

Providing Scholarships and Assistance to International Students

Picture of NGK international house, a dormitory for international students operated by the NGK Foundation for International Students.

NGK established the NGK Foundation for International Students in order to facilitate the cultivation of individuals who will contribute to the development of the international community. It is through the Foundation that NGK is helping to provide housing and scholarships to overseas students visiting Japan.
The impetus for the Foundation's establishment stems from gratitude for the warm community support and hospitality shown to NGK's first employees and families posted overseas at the time of its initial overseas expansion back in the 1930s. Our activities are conducted in the hope that the students will feel glad that they came to Japan and develop a fondness for the country.
In fiscal 2019, we provided housing to 40 students from six countries, and scholarships (non-repayable) to 20 students from 14 countries.

The NGK Foundation for International Students

Exchange between Supported Students, Communities, and Employees

NGK organizes a variety of events and programs to provide opportunities for grassroots international relations between supported students, regional communities, and employees. Language classes taught by international students have been held annually since 2000, and cross-cultural exchange meetings where international students introduce their native countries have been held annually since 2006.
In fiscal 2019, there were six cross-cultural exchange meetings alternatingly hosted by different exchange students to introduce their different home countries. Through these events, participating students and local residents were able to enjoy meaningful exchange. As of fiscal 2019, a cumulative total of 1,000 people have participated.

Number of Participants in Cross-cultural Exchange Meetings


FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
International students 20 12 12 11
Local residents 23 20 20 20

Communication after Support Ends

To maintain relationships with international students after support ends, each year, we send out a New Year's greeting card that includes a company status report to former and current students.
We also distribute NGK International Friendship Club Members Cards that include our contact information to international students after support ends.
In fiscal 2019, we sent New Year's cards with updates on the Foundation and NGK to around 300 students who have received support in the past.

Social Contribution Activities in Collaboration with Local Communities and NPOs

Aiming to be a corporate citizen trusted by local communities, NGK collaborates with communities and NPOs to engage in social contribution activities in response to regional needs. In addition, employee volunteers from NGK Group companies in Japan and around the world conduct a variety of social contribution activities rooted in their local communities.

Read more about NGK's social contribution activities at:

Support for Volunteer Activities by Employees

The NGK Group proactively supports activities and provides information to create opportunities for employees to participate in volunteering outside the company.

NGK Science Site Offers Special Content for Kids to Try at Home

Top page of NGK Science Site website.

The “NGK Science Site: Experiments at Home Series” featured on the NGK website piques children's interest in science by presenting them with simple experiments, which they can perform using everyday items. This approach has attracted many to the site since its launch in 1997.
In April 2020, a special page was added to the NGK Science Site, which features simple experiments and craft projects that children can create using items from around their house. While at home during efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, these experiments and crafts help children to enjoyably pass the time, as there is no need to go shopping for any of these projects.
As a company whose business involves manufacturing, NGK will continue to use opportunities such as this to share information that conveys the excitement of science to children.

NGK Science Site(Site is only in Japanese)

Christmas Lectures Convey the Wonders of Science

A Christmas lecture, part of the annual Royal Institution Christmas Lectures held at the Royal Institution in London.

Since 2011, NGK has been involved in the Royal Institution Christmas Lecture (sponsored by the Yomiuri Shimbun news corporation and the Tokyo Institute of Technology), which is an annual event aimed at conveying the wonders of science to children. This popular series of lectures began in the U.K. around 200 years ago and serves as a “Christmas present” from scientists to young people. This format has been replicated in Japan, and each year NGK employees take part as guest lecturers who provide an easy-to-understand explanation to children and students about NGK products that fit that year's theme.

Using the Employee Cafeteria for the Table for Two Program

Menu offerings under the Table for Two program.

NGK has participated in the Table for Two program since September 2010, using it as a casual, daily volunteer activity, which employees can easily be a part of. Under this program, whenever an employee eats something off of the cafeteria's healthy menu, an amount equivalent to one school lunch (20 yen) goes to children in Africa. All employee cafeterias at our Nagoya, Chita, and Komaki sites, as well as at our Ishikawa Plant (eight cafeterias in total), participate.
In fiscal 2019, we provided 40,000 school lunches (800,000 yen from employee lunches and matching funds from NGK) and received the Platinum Supporter Award from the Table for Two organizers. Our total contributions up to this point are 390,000 school lunches (approximately 7.8 million yen), which is roughly equivalent to one year's worth of school lunches for around 1,770 African children.

Interacting with Local Communities

The NGK Group engages in dynamic interactions with local residents through opportunities such as plant tours and regional events, as well as through opportunities for direct dialogue, making an effort to incorporate the ideas and opinions received in Group business activities and CSR activities.

Plant Tours

Plant Tours in FY2019 (NGK)

Participants Details
Nagoya Site 36 NGK Foundation for International Students
3 Rikuzentakata City Takada Daiichi Junior High School
Chita Site 55 Local resident plant tour group
Ishikawa Plant 41 Ishikawa Technical Senior High School
80 Nomi City Confederation of Neighborhood Associations
Total 215