Human Resource Development

Content of Education


NGK training and education seeks to foster an understanding of the NGK Group Philosophy and Code of Conduct such that employees will not simply work for the sake of meeting their individual job targets but, rather, will think about the significance of the work they perform and the basis for their decision-making, leading to a sense of pride and shared identity as an NGK employee. It is not enough for employees to know what the NGK Group Philosophy and Code of Conduct are; we want employees to incorporate them into their behavior.
This approach is particularly evident in the corporate history training program that was launched full-scale in 2017 for every level of employee, from new hires to those promoted to managers. It is also incorporated into the educational programs of Group companies outside Japan in order to reach a variety of personnel. It will continue to be developed and expanded.

Business Skills

We carry out training designed to equip employees with the mindset, knowledge, and skills they need to carry out their jobs.
To ensure that the skills employees acquire are applicable and directly contribute to the work that they perform—i.e., practical skills instead of just knowledge—we provide coaching in cooperation with the participants' supervisors and training programs for handling challenges directly relevant to their own departments.

Career Support

In order to ensure that as many personnel as possible are able to actively participate in and contribute to the functioning of NGK, we provide employees with career development support in the form of a variety of effective HR initiatives, such as initiatives to promote the active participation of women and extending the mandatory retirement age. This support is focused on cultivating personnel capable of thinking outside the limits of predetermined career models to chart their own career path.
Career design training programs for women, employees in their 50s, and others serve as opportunities for employees to think about who they want to be and how they can challenge themselves in their work to grow to become that person.
When it comes to diversity promotion, our focus is on ensuring that every employee is able to work to their full potential within the context of the many and varied environments that comprise the NGK Group.

Job Performance Compliance Requirements

We provide employees with training that communicates to them the responsibilities, which NGK bears as a corporate citizen, as well as what this requires of them as employees of NGK. This training seeks to instill a strong sense of ethics and a commitment to doing what is right.
The fundamentals of NGK business—safety, quality, environment, and CSR—are inculcated from the time an employee joins the company to every time they receive a promotion so that knowledge ends up being reliably translated into action.

Manufacturing Training

We pursue training aimed at conveying the central importance of safety, the environment, quality, timely delivery, and cost in manufacturing while passing on the traditions and spirit of NGK manufacturing. This training also aims to grow employees into individuals who can support the creation of new value.
Towards this end, we provide training in specific technologies that will deepen employees' understanding of NGK products and technologies, as well as provide training in administrative and improvement techniques that will equip employees with the mindset and means to improve their workplaces.

Diagram showing NGK manufacturing training, which covers basic manufacturing training, worksite training for forepersons, risk prevention, and reliable management.

Manufacturing basic training is centered on practical training tied to the actual manufacturing process. It involves teaching participants about ceramic technology and manufacturing in general at NGK so that they will have a broad perspective, which they can apply in their work.
Worksite capability enhancement training cultivates human resources capable of making managerial contributions as manufacturing worksite leaders who independently pursue worksite capability improvements together with others both in and outside of their plant’s organizational framework.

Innovation Training

The aim of innovation training is the cultivation of leaders suited to an era of transformation and speed. This is achieved by fostering outside-the-box thinking coupled with an ability to think and act to bring an idea to fruition.
In the program for young employees with leadership potential, participants learn about the essential innovation processes involved in generating new business. The program is held jointly with other companies. This allows interaction with employees from other companies who have different experiences and values, thus helping NGK employees develop a more multifaceted perspective.

Corporate History Training

This training program looks at the history of NGK in order to reexamine the origins of our corporate activities, to reinforce our shared values, and then to prompt participants to think about how this impacts the way they go about their jobs. The program for newly appointed managerial personnel incorporates corporate history materials related to topics, such as globalization or diversity, which are assigned to each participant group, along with a worksheet, that they discuss in depth in relation to the distinctive character of NGK.
Education programs for other job grades are being steadily introduced, as well as programs geared towards Group companies outside Japan.

English Instruction for New Employees

Since fiscal 2011, we have been providing English language courses for all new staff members with the goal of rapidly cultivating globally capable human resources.
The one-year course is divided into classes based on student level. Besides studying the classroom materials, participants also take the initiative in their learning through activities such as creating their own class slogans.

Time spent learning English per new career-track hire (fiscal 2019 results)

Average time that each new career-track hire spent learning English in fiscal 2019. This number has increased to reach 120 hours a year.

Practical Overseas Training

NGK conducts practical training over a period of six months at Group companies outside Japan with the aim of developing globally minded human resources. The training focuses on developing practical business and communication skills in a cross-cultural environment targeting young employees who are future candidates for overseas postings.