Respect of Humanity and Assurance of Comfortable Working Environment

Basic Approach

It is NGK Group basic policy to recruit human resources and offer stable employment and equal opportunities regardless of race, nationality, creed, gender, or physical abilities. Also, in an aim to promote autonomy and independence, NGK maintains the human resource systems necessary to provide employees with fair compensation commensurate with their degree of contribution to the company.

Structures and Systems

At NGK, the Human Resources Department plays a central role in promoting diversity, including through nursing care support and promotion of women's active participation.

Promoting the Success of Women

NGK has established various systems and measures to promote active roles for women.

Certified as a Company Promoting Women's Activities by the City of Nagoya

In recognition of our efforts to create a workplace environment that encourages women's activities such as revising our System for Transferring to General Employment Jobs, we were certified as a Company Promoting Women's Activities by the city of Nagoya in January 2012 and recertified in 2014.
In March 2017, NGK was certified as an "L-Boshi" company by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.

January 2012
Company Promoting Women's Activities (City of Nagoya)

Certified as an "L-Boshi" Company for Its Excellence in Promoting Women's Active Participation

Ratio of women key personnel

Ratio of Women in Managerial Positions at Overseas Group Companies

EuropeNorth and Central AmericaAsiaOther
Ratio of women in managerial positions 9% 14% 28% 25%


Submitting Our Action Plan for Promoting Women's Active Participation in Their Working Life to MHLW

In January 2016, in accordance with the Act to Advance Women's Active Participation in Their Working Life, NGK submitted a general employer action plan to the Aichi Labour Bureau, which is overseen by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Expanding Employment of People with Disabilities beyond the Legally Stipulated Rate

We promote the employment of people with disabilities by accepting students from special needs schools as trainees and hiring participants from employment seminars for people with disabilities.

Various Systems Attempting to Make Use of Diverse Human Resources

We open the way for employees to take full advantage of their individuality and skills by managing various systems, including an internal job application system, a system for career track registration and an FA (free agent) system.

Promoting the Regular Employment of Manufacturing Contract Employees

NGK has established a system for appointing manufacturing contract employees to become regular employees.

Management of Follow-up System to Fit Young Employees in the Workplace

We prevent career mismatches through surveys and interviews about their jobs and the work environment as well as a job rotation system.

System for Rehiring Employees

We have introduced a rehiring system that accommodates the diverse work style needs of mature employees.

Come-back System

We have launched a system to rehire people who had left the company for various reasons (e.g., job change, studying abroad, job transfer of a spouse, etc.).

Pick Up Topics

In the new human resources system revised in April 2017, we have clarified what kind of human resources the company is looking for and developed a system that allows young and mid-level employees to demonstrate their full potential, I hope they can actively take on challenges to move to higher stages. This syst em also allows mature workers to keep working in the same way until their retirement age at 65. I hope this revised human resources system can also increase motivation among women and drive the initiatives by the NGK Group to promote women's active participation.

Human Resources Department Manager Yuka Sugiura

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