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Safety and Health

Safety and Health

Aiming for zero industrial accidents, NGK introduced an Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) in fiscal 2007 as a mechanism for the ongoing systematic implementation of safety and health initiatives based on company-wide safety and health policies. Since then, we have made efforts to thoroughly embed and operate this system and strengthen risk assessment.
We also make a concerted effort to promote better health and wellbeing among our employees.
In addition to our longstanding commitment to reduce overtime work and to monitor the health of employees who do work overtime, this year the NGK Group issued its Health Declaration, which is comprised of four main pillars: (1) Provide a workspace that is both people-friendly and work-friendly, (2) Cultivate a health-conscious corporate culture for executives, employees, and their families, (3) Promote early detection and early intervention for health concerns, and (4) Offer support for mental health and wellbeing.

Structure to Promote Safety and Health Management

Safety and Health Policy

Establishment of Hazard Simulation and Hazard Prediction Training School

For some time now, NGK has operated simple training centers at three sites in Nagoya, Chita and Komaki, as well as at the Ishikawa Plant, to allow newer employees and less experienced employees to learn about workplace hazards first-hand in order to help reduce the incidence of workplace accidents caused by new and inexperienced employees.
In June 2018, a new Hazard Simulation and Hazard Prediction Training School was established at the Chita Site, which not only provides general hazard simulation training but also specific hazard simulation training that utilizes replicas of actual equipment involved in in-house work accidents in order to be more directly applicable to employees' daily work.

External Certification on Occupational Safety and Health Management System

The NGK Group promotes the acquisition of occupational safety and health management system certification, which is growing in importance globally, and to incorporate such systems into daily operations in order to supplement medium-term goals on safety and health.

Acquisition of Management System Certification (as of March 31, 2018)

NGK Nagoya Site: ISO 45001 certification and JISHA's OSHMS certification acquired
Chita Site, Komaki Site, Ishikawa Plant: JISHA's OSHMS certification acquired
Domestic Group companies NGK Adrec and Akechi Insulators: OHSAS18001 certification acquired
Overseas Group companies

ACC, ACIn, ACP, ACS, ACE, ACU, and NGK Insulators Tangshan: OHSAS 18001 certification acquired

ACC: NGK Ceramics Suzhou ACP: NGK Ceramics Polska ACE: NGK Ceramics Europe
ACIn: NGK Ceramics Indonesia ACS: NGK Ceramics South Africa ACU: NGK Ceramics USA

Promotion of Activities Supporting Mental and Physical Health

Four Types of Care for Mental Health

We facilitate the widespread implementation of ongoing mental and physical health promotion activities, centering on the four types of care for mental health promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
In fiscal 2017, we carried out stress checks for all employees. The results were subjected to group analysis, and environmental improvements are being advanced for those workplaces with a comparatively large number of highly stressed employees.