Respect of Humanity and Assurance of Comfortable Working Environment

Basic Approach

NGK makes an effort to promote a work-life balance and to reduce long working hours.

Systems to Support employees to balance work and childcare at each stage


Enhancing the System Supporting Work-Life Balance

We have a flexible system that promotes employees' work-life balance.

Initiatives on Overtime Work

If overtime work in excess of 45 hours per month appears likely, measures are taken to even out time periods and workloads or to increase the number of employees.

Enhancing Work-Life Balance System

We have been continuously enhancing our support measures by identifying employees' needs.

Systems to Support Early Return from Parental Leave

We have systems to encourage and support employees who have taken maternity and childcare leave so that they can return to their careers at an early stage.

Systems for Nursing Care Support

We have systems for working hours, time off, leave of absence and financial support.

Establishment of a Support Site for Diverse Work Styles on the Company Intranet

We have launched a support site for diverse work styles on the company intranet to widely announce our measures to support the balance between work and family life.

Pick Up Topics

A user of the childcare leave system for fathers

I decided to take childcare leave with my first child, as I didn't want to miss the special moments in my child's development and I wanted to support my wife. I'm glad I used the system because I was able to stay close and watch my child grow day by day. In order to use this system, it was essential to have the understanding and support of the people around me. For this reason, I consulted my supervisor in advance to arrange the work. Since I believe men should also play an active role in childrearing, I hope to see further understanding and cooperation both within the company and across the entire society so that more men can use this system.

Production Technologies Department, Manufacturing Division,
Ceramic Products Business Group
Daniel Kitaguchi

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NGK Report 2017 Work-life balance (PDF)