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It is NGK Group's basic policy to recruit human resources and offer stable employment and equal opportunities regardless of race, nationality, creed, gender, or physical abilities. Also, in an aim to promote autonomy and independence, NGK maintains the human resource systems necessary to provide employees with fair compensation commensurate with their degree of contribution to the company.

System to Promote Diversity

At NGK, the Human Resources Department plays a central role in promoting diversity, including through nursing care support and promotion of women's active participation.
Regarding human rights issues, NGK strives to educate employees by distributing booklets on human rights on occasions such as training for the recently promoted employees. A helpline is also available for consultation on these issues.

Promoting the Success of Women

Appointment of Female Key Personnel (Management Staff)

The NGK Group strives to increase opportunities for motivated and skilled people to enhance their skills regardless of gender. We are also engaged in creating comfortable working environment for women. The number of female key personnel (management staff) of NGK in fiscal 2017 was 17.

Promoting the Success of Women

2014/3 2015/3 2016/3 2017/3 2018/3
Ratio of female key personnel* 1.5% 1.8% 1.8% 2.0% 2.0%
No. of persons 12 14 14 16 17
No. of department managers or higher 2 2 3 3 4

* Ratio among all key personnel

Ratio of Women in Managerial Positions at Overseas Group Companies (as of March 31, 2018)

Europe North and Central America Asia Other
Ratio of women in managerial positions 7% 17% 25% 29%

January 2012 Company Promoting Women's Active Participation (Nagoya City)

Certified as an "L-Boshi" company for excellence in promoting women's active participation

Expanding Employment of Persons with Disabilities

The NGK Group promotes employment of people with disabilities by accepting students from special-needs schools as trainees and hiring participants from employment seminars for people with disabilities. As a result, the percentage of employees with disabilities at the end of fiscal 2016 was 2.03%, which exceeded the legally mandated percentage of 2.0% for the fourth straight year; however, the percentage at the end of fiscal 2017 was 1.9%.
Continuing on from fiscal 2016, in fiscal 2017, we accepted students from special-needs schools as trainees, who we then hired as new employees in fiscal 2018.
We have also expanded the divisions that hire people with disabilities in order to broaden the scope of jobs available.

Percentage of Employees with Disabilities (NGK)