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Work-Life Balance

To promote a work-life balance and reduce long working hours, in fiscal 2011, NGK formulated specific rules based on initiatives that had been conducted by labor-management over the previous three fiscal years.
We keep track of social changes, such as changing attitudes toward work as well as legislative amendments, and strive to respond to these changes flexibly and properly by improving systems and revising operations.

Initiatives to Limit Overtime Work

If, for any reason, overtime work in excess of 45 hours per month appears likely, the reason for the increase in overtime work must be confirmed through prior labor-management consultations to level out the time periods and workloads or increase the number of employees.

Rate of Paid Leave Utilization

System to Support Employees to Balance Work and Childcare at Each Stage

Systems to Support Nursing Care

Working hours Time off Financial support
  • 1.Shortened working hours
  • 2.Working 3 days a week
  • 3.Flex time system
    (for employees at departments to which Lump-sum care allowance the regular flex time system does not apply)
  • 4.Limitation on overtime work
  • 5.Unscheduled work exemption
  • 6.Late-night working hours exemption
  • 7.Caring for a family member using
    accumulated vacation days
  • 8.Unpaid days off to provide care
  • 10.Care leave benefits
  • 11.Care leave support fund
  • 12.Lump-sum care allowance
Leave of absence
  • 9.Care leave

Nursing Care Leave Usage

FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
No. of employees taking nursing care leave 0 0 0 0 0 1

Awards Received in Fiscal 2017

NGK received a variety of awards for its initiatives aimed at promoting women's active participation, as well as supporting work-life balance for childcare, nursing care, and illness.

Aichi "Shining Women" Company Outstanding Company Award (received from Aichi Prefecture on November 27, 2017)

Fiscal 2017 Excellent Equal Opportunity & Work-Life Balance Companies Awards;
Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Prize for Excellence; Family-Friendly Company Category (received on December 15, 2017 from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

Fiscal 2017 Aichi Prefecture Family-Friendly Company Awards; Family-Friendly Company Award (received from Aichi Prefecture on February 13, 2018)