About NGK

NGK Group Social Contribution Activities Policy

The NGK Group establishes herein the NGK Group Social Contribution Activities Policy and will actively engage in various activities to realize a sustainable society.

1.Basic Approach to Social Contribution Activities

We will help to solve social issues through our business activities in various regions across the globe.
In addition, as a member of society, with the aim of being a corporate citizen trusted by local communities, we will strive to cooperate and collaborate with diverse partners and undertake social contribution activities in response to needs in each region.

2.Main Focus

Based on the NGK Group Philosophy and Vision, we will work on the following areas as the focuses of activity for social contribution.

People and Education

Not only will we convey the joy of monozukuri (manufacturing) to children who will define the future but we will also support educational activities that can develop local communities.


Based on the NGK Group Environmental Vision, we will proactively engage in harmony with nature, thereby contributing to the preservation of the global environment.

Community Relations

We take an interest in social issues and advance activities aimed at achieving coexistence with local communities as a trusted corporate citizen.
Additionally, the NGK Group will participate in efforts to develop appealing communities mainly in countries and regions in which the NGK Group has business sites.

For the purpose of enhancing sensitivity to matters in society, and furthering understanding of diversity and such like, we will encourage all of our employees to take part in social contribution activities and support them by offering them opportunities to experience activities and gain hands-on knowledge.

3.Information Disclosure

We will regularly distribute information on activities to help all employees working in the NGK Group understand the objective of these activities.
Simultaneously, we will disclose information on our initiatives on our website and other media in order to deepen relationships of trust with stakeholders.