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Procurement Information

This page provides information on procurement. This information is intended to help NGK suppliers understand our basic procurement policies and to ensure a broad range of suppliers for the procurement of parts, materials, machinery and various services.

Basic Purchasing Policy

Open and Fair
  • Open, fair, and equitable procurement
  • Pursuit of competition principles and profitability
  • Mutual prosperity based on mutual trust with suppliers
Relationship with Society
  • Compliance with laws
  • Preservation of global environment

CSR Procurement and Green Procurement efforts

NGK responds to societal demands related to its procurement activities through efforts to promote CSR and Green Procurement.

■Ongoing Promotion of CSR Procurement

Ongoing Promotion of CSR Procurement
  • Aiming for greater quality through the maintenance and continuation of CSR Procurement activities with suppliers
  • Giving priority to the suppliers with the same amount of consideration for the importance of CSR as the NGK Group

For details, please see Promotion of CSR Procurement.

CSR Procurement Guidelines Supplemental Materials

Applications from new suppliers

Flow of steps through start of transactions

The illustration below provides an overview of the flow of steps through the start of transactions.

Flow of steps through start of transactions

Apply to be a Supplier

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