CSR Management

Basic Policies

CSR Activities Concepts and Systems

The NGK Group aims to realize its corporate philosophy through the provision of products and services that will bring new value to society and contribute to the creation of a better social environment. We will fulfill our social responsibilities through these activities, establishing and continually strengthening CSR objectives to meet the expectations and earn the trust of society.

CSR Promotion Framework

To promote CSR activities, we have established the CSR Committee, Environmental Protection Committee, Quality Committee, Safety and Health Committee and Internal Controls Committee.

Targeted Stakeholder and Response Policies

Connection with Customers

We are committed to the creation of new value from a long-term and global perspective.

Connection with Suppliers

With a basic policy centered on the three principles of openness and fairness, partnership and relationship with society, we are committed to fair, free and transparent business transactions.

Connection with Shareholders and Investors

We are committed to information disclosure in a timely and appropriate manner, and enhancement of corporate value.

Connection with Regional Communities

We engage in social contribution activities in an effort to earn and maintain trust as a corporate citizen of the region.

Connection with Governments and International Organizations

We endeavor to increase participation in international initiatives.

Connection with Universities and Research Institutes

We engage in technological research to offer solutions to social issues and contribute to the development of science and technology.

Connection with Employees

Respecting the personality of individual employees, we endeavor to create a safe and comfortable workplace environment and develop personnel capabilities.


Establishing CSR Promotion Items (Materiality)

Aiming to achieve a sustainable society, we have established eight CSR promotion actions, which are described in the NGK Group Guidelines for Corporate Behavior. We set targets for each action and plan activities to achieve these targets.

Human Rights Initiatives

Signing on to the UN Global Compact in 2015, we began to vigorously engage in education and awareness activities to promote human rights protection. In fiscal 2016, we organized human rights seminars at NGK and Group companies.

Commencing Human Rights Due Diligence

We have formulated human rights policies and begun related activities, such as assessing impacts of corporate activities on human rights issues, monitoring relevant performances and making monitoring reports publicly available.

Human Rights Education

To enhance our human rights initiatives, we have participated in the human rights education workshop hosted by the Global Compact Network Japan, while also holding seminars and creating educational materials.

Pick Up Topics

Ms. Mizue Unno of So-Tech Consulting Inc.

Holding Lectures on Human Rights

From March to April 2017, we held lectures on human rights at NGK headquarters, the Komaki Site and the Chita Site. Under the theme of "Human Rights Risks for Businesses in Emerging Countries: Responsible Labor Management," the lecture by Ms. Mizue Unno of So-Tech Consulting Inc., who supports corporate activities in the areas of CSR and sustainability, provided a wide range of insights into business and human rights. The participants learned about specific issues and countermeasures including how to protect the human rights of workers in the supply chain of the NGK Group.

External Evaluation

In September 2017, NGK was selected for the second consecutive year, following NGK's selection last fiscal year for the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, a major index for socially-responsible investment.

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