Dialogue with Shareholders

Policy for Measures and Organizational Structures Aimed at Promoting Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

NGK strives to explain management conditions and management policy accurately and swiftly and maximize corporate value through two-way communication with shareholders and investors.
Both NGK’s Finance & Accounting Department and General Affairs Department endeavor to respond sincerely to questions at the General Meeting of Shareholders, and inquiries received through our corporate website, based on guidance from the director in charge of each department. When necessary, the two departments work closely with the relevant departments (Corporate Planning Office, ESG Management Dept., Legal Dept., etc.) to respond sincerely and promote constructive dialogue.
We also place importance on opportunities for direct dialogue with institutional investors and involve management (president, director in charge of the Finance & Accounting Dept., etc.) in various meetings such as financial results briefings and overseas investor relations (IR).
The results of such meetings are regularly reported to the Board of Directors to provide feedback for management, improve management efficiency, and increase management transparency.
We engage in dialogue with shareholders and investors, focusing on communication regarding the market environment, initiatives to improve profitability, and the prospects for each of our businesses, with the aim of enhancing corporate value, improve capital efficiency, and promote sustained growth. We do not disclose non-public material information during such dialogues, in principle, because this would harm impartial treatment among all shareholders.

Disclosure on Dialogue with Shareholders

See the PDF from the link below for Disclosure on Dialogue with Shareholders.

Disclosure on Dialogue with Shareholders