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The Super Battery

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From Small to Big(00:15)

The Surprising Power of CERAMICS

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Incredible future ceramics(Battery Ver.)
Incredible future ceramics(Filtering Ver.)

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One material, boundless potential: green and digital ceramic solutions


Reuter Reuter

January 4, 2022
Pioneering battery technology for a digitised and connected world

Whitepaper by Reuters Events:
Innovative Technologies Enabling Digital Transformation

This whitepaper features technology insights and real-world case-studies from a diverse set of industries including; Logistics, Healthcare, Smart Cities, Wearables and more, including:

  • NGK INSULATORS: Powering and empowering the IoT
  • SMK Corporation: Harvesting energy to beat the IoT battery drain
  • Ricoh USA, Inc. Group: Power for sensors in new worlds of operation

Innovative Technologies Enabling Digital Transformation



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