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Policies and Guidelines

The NGK Group defines specific policies and guidelines of business activities based on 'NGK Group Code of Conduct'

Basic Environmental Policy

Basic Environmental Principle

The NGK Group continues our commitment to improving the global environment through our "Triple E" businesses representing the energy, ecology and electronic sectors.

Guidelines for Environmental Action

  • Strive to develop, design, and manufacture products that contribute to the environment and products with low environmental impact.
  • Work to reduce the environmental impact arising from business activities.
    Conduct design reviews to scientifically study and evaluate the environmental impact of business activities.
    • Promote energy conservation measures for all processes and facilities, and make efforts to control CO2 emissions.
    • Promote resource saving and recycling, and make efforts to control the generation of byproducts.
    • Through the appropriate use and control of chemical agents, work to reduce the risks inherent in toxic substances.
    • Give precedence to environmentally friendly materials, parts, products, and facilities in procurement and purchasing, strengthening cooperative alliances with our business partners.
  • Enhance environmental management systems from a global perspective while continuously reducing our environmental impact.
  • Not only abide by environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements, but also institute voluntary standards and work to improve our own environmental conservation.
  • Provide environmental information to the public at the appropriate time and pursue dialogue with all stakeholders.
    Proactively develop social action programs. Also, engage in education and publicity in order to improve employees' environmental consciousness.

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Quality Policy

NGK is dedicated to quality and committed to providing valuable products and services that are trusted by our customers and respected by society

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NGK Group Human Rights Policy

The NGK Group hereby establishes this "NGK Group Human Rights Policy" based on the "United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights" and will promote initiatives to respect human rights to prevent violation or abuse of human rights of anyone impacted by the NGK Group's business operations.

NGK Group Human Rights Policy

UK Modern Slavery Act Statement

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Safety and Health Policy

'Maintaining the safety and health of each employee constitutes a basis for a company's operation and existence'

  • Comply with Occupational Safety and Health Law and Company Regulations.
  • Engage in activities in line with the OSHMS* to continuously raise the safety and health standards.
  • Promote safety and health activities under enough education & training and good communication with employees.
  • Reduce the risks of hazards and toxicity and prevent accidents to provide a comfortable work environment.
  • Prevent employees' health hazards and enhance health promoting activities.

OSHMS:Occupational Safety and Health Management System

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Basic Human Resource Development Guidelines

NGK is implementing a rewarding education program with the following goals in human resource development:

  • To cultivate personnel who can both inherit and develop the tradition and spirit of monozukuri, or "making things"
  • To cultivate personnel with the ability and talent to provide support for worldwide business development; and
  • To provide all interested employees a platform for growth and learning.Take quality seriously, providing useful products and services that earn our customers' trust and that of the world at large

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Basic NGK Group Information Security Policy

As our information-communication society grows ever more sophisticated, the NGK Group has come to handle much more in the way of information assets, and is aggressively pursuing the safekeeping of any and all information assets it retains. While it is essential to share these assets in order to conduct business in a smooth and efficient manner, establishing a system for information security likewise becomes a necessity. For this reason, the NGK group has set forth this basic policy regarding information security and will work to safeguard the information assets in its possession.

  • In order to ensure the safety of retained information assets, which includes information retained in the course of business activities, as well as any devices, facilities, or services necessary to handle said information, we will establish an information security management system to prevent unauthorized intrusion, loss, theft, leaks, modification, damage, denial-of-service attacks, and any other threat.
  • All individuals who work at any office of NGK or its group companies and who make use of information assets will be subject to ongoing information security education and training for an increased awareness of security issues. Actions in violation of this Policy may be subject to legal penalties, as well as reprimands set forth in labor regulations, contracts, and/or other binding documents.
  • Should a security issue arise concerning information assets, we will promptly investigate the cause and work to keep any damage to a minimum.
  • We will comply with all laws and social norms with regard to information security, as well as any such contractual requirements and duties entered into with a customer.
  • NGK will strive to continuously review and revise the activities noted herein.

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Basic Purchasing Policy

Open and Fair

  • Open, fair, and equitable procurement
  • Pursuit of competition principles and profitability


  • Mutual prosperity based on mutual trust with suppliers

Relationship with Society

  • Compliance with laws
  • Preservation of global environment

Procurement Information

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Accurate Records

In order to disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner, we will comply with applicable laws, regulations, and internal rules, establish an internal control system, and operate it appropriately. We will create and report accurate records of financial information and other information.

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Conflicting Interests

All business decisions made by the NGK Group are made fairly and appropriately in anticipation of the best interests of the Group. All persons engaged in the NGK Group's business will, with a high sense of ethics, pay close attention to their interactions with current and future customers, suppliers, subcontractors, competitors, and other third parties, and respond in good faith, avoiding the construction of situations or relationships that may lead to conflicts of interest as a result of non-business relationships with other companies or individuals.

Based on this philosophy, NGK Group will continue to manage situations that may cause conflicting interests;
for example, an employee has a close personal interest in the business of third parties relevant to NGK Group, employs or manages relatives or close friends for lucrative positions, or uses company resources for private endeavors. We have been establishing management system to take necessary measures in a timely manner.

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Counterfeits Parts

In addition to respecting the intellectual property (IP) rights of others as recited in the NGK Group Code of Conduct, we encourage the creation activities of IP rights and work to ensure proper protection and use of IP rights, create new value through the provision of products and services that contribute to society, and strive to realize a sustainable society.
Counterfeits parts may threaten the value of the products and services created by our creative activities. Therefore, based on market investigation, etc., we will take necessary and appropriate measures to eliminate them.

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