About NGK

Business Overview

NGK utilizes ceramics as our core technology to expand our power business, ceramic products business, electronics business, and process technology business into the business domains of energy, ecology, and electronics.
We will continue to test the potential of new ceramics technologies with an eye on the changing needs of the times, and we aim to expand our business profitability while we also make contributions to society and the preservation of our environment.

Power Business We deliver products that help ensure a stable supply of electric power.
Ceramic Products Business We deliver products that contribute to clean car emissions.
Electronics Business We deliver a wide range of products that contribute to technological innovations in electronics.
Process Technology Business We deliver products for a wide range of industries to meet diverse needs, ranging from production process innovations and enhanced productivity to energy conservation and environmental protection.

Research & Development

Creating new global standards with an eye
on the future and the world.

Research & Development