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Used in a wide range of products, NGK's copper products contribute to improved reliability, smaller dimensions, and lighter weight.

We supply a wide range of metallic products, including the high-performance metallic materials used in the latest electronic components like connectors and sockets. Made by adding a percentage of beryllium to copper, our beryllium copper alloys combine the outstanding electrical and heat conductivity of copper with strength and durability rivalling special steel. Thanks to their durability and high fatigue resistance, strip and fine wires formed from these materials are used to make highly reliable electrical harnesses and contacts that improve the reliability of products like mobile phones, home electronics, motor vehicles, and industrial machinery while making them ever smaller and lighter. Our advanced production technologies, uncompromising quality control, and network of production, processing, and sales facilities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia have to the adoption of these in a wide range of industrial sectors around the world.

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