NAS Battery Wins the Gold Prize at the 2015 Aichi Environmental Awards

February 19, 2015

NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (President Taku Oshima; Headquarters: Nagoya, Japan; NGK) received the Gold Prize, the highest award presented by the 2015 Aichi Environmental Awards held by Aichi Prefecture, for its NAS® Battery System for electric energy storage.

NGK was the world´s first company to commercialize NAS batteries, which enable large capacity electric energy storage, using its proprietary advanced ceramic technology. NGK provides NAS battery systems that meet a variety of needs, including electricity load leveling, emergency power sources, control of output fluctuations from renewable energy sources, and stabilization of electrical power systems. NAS battery systems were highly evaluated for their contribution to reducing environmental impact through resource and energy savings.

NAS batteries reduce environmental impact mainly in the following areas.

1) Reduction of CO2 emissions as a measure for handling peak power demand
By charging NAS batteries at times of low power demand, such as nighttime, and discharging them at times of high power demand, such as daytime, the power load can be leveled. Alleviation of peak power demand reduces the amount of power generated using fossil fuels, helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

2) Promotion of increased use of renewable energy by providing a solution for supply stabilization
Output fluctuations from intermittent renewable energy sources can be stabilized by charging and discharging the NAS battery, thereby contributing to increased use and effective utilization of renewable energy.

3) Effective use of fossil fuels through highly efficient operation of power generation facilities
For power generators, continuous operation at the rated output is most efficient. By using NAS batteries to level the electricity load , power generators can be operated efficiently, enabling effective use of fossil fuels and reducing CO2 emissions.

4) Optimal configuration of microgrid power generation facilities
Adopting NAS batteries in regions with small power grids, such as remote islands and other isolated locations, enables a variety of distributed energy sources to be efficiently used by adjusting the balance of power supply and demand, thereby helping to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions.

The Aichi Environmental Award recognizes effective pioneering initiatives taken by companies, groups and other organizations aimed at recycling resources and reducing environmental impact. Aichi Prefecture established the award to coincide with the 2005 World Exposition held in Aichi, Japan. This marks the 11th time the award has been presented.

This is the second time that NGK has won the Gold Prize. The first time was in 2006, when it won the prize with a group of five companies, led by NGK, and Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture for a project to manufacture and recycle carbide from burnable waste.

NAS batteries
NAS batteries

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