NGK is Exhibiting at ELECTRONICA VIRTUAL 2020 for the first time

November 6, 2020

NGK Insulators, Ltd. is exhibiting the EnerCera Battery, an innovative power source for IoT devices, which will help realize the New Normal Society. The EnerCera battery is a compact, thin, high energy density, high power lithium-ion rechargeable battery with high heat resistance characteristics.

For the electronica virtual show, variety of EnerCera battery sizes will be on display. NGK will introduce a maintenance free IoT device concept, using the EnerCera battery together with Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) and energy harvesting technologies. Furthermore, applications videos will show how EnerCera batteries can be used with Electronic Shelf Label (ESL), smart card, real time tracking sensors, wearable devices and many others.

November 9-12, 2020


NGK Booth


 EnerCera Coin and EnerCera Pouch

Exhibit Materials

New Product:
 EnerCera battery 

EnerCera battery applications on display:
- Power source using Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) technology (Picture 1)

- Maintenance free IoT devices with energy harvesting technology
 - An agricultural wireless smart sensor using geothermal generation (Picture 2)
 - An environmental sensor using indoor light

- Backup power supply for high temperature environments, such as automotive and industrial applications

- Use of the EnerCera batteries with in-mold electronics and with printed circuit boards

- Card type devices
 - Electronic tags, such as RFID tag, for logistics and quality control purposes (Picture 3)
 - Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) for applications such as dynamic pricing
 - Next generation smart cards using short-range wireless communication "NFC" (First time exhibit) (Picture 4)

Picture 1   Power source for Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

Picture 1 Power source for Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

Picture 2   Agricultural wireless sensor

 Picture 2 Agricultural wireless sensor

Picture 3   RFID tag

Picture 3 RFID tag

Picture 4   IC card circuit board with NFC charging

Picture 4 IC card circuit board with NFC charging

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