Kinmen Energy Storage Demonstration Project which uses NAS batteries won Gold Award in SDG7 of Taiwan Sustainable Action Award 2021

November 18, 2021

NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (NGK) announce that Kinmen Energy Storage Demonstration Project for which NGK supplied NAS batteries for power storage won Gold Award in SDG7 of first “Taiwan Sustainable Action Award (TSAA*) 2021” held by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE).

NAS Batteries installed in Xiaxing Power Plant on Kinmen Island
NAS Batteries installed in Xiaxing Power Plant on Kinmen Island

For the reason of award, it was highly appreciated that Taipower showed the best action plan for SDGs7 “Affordable and clean energy” through Kinmen Energy Storage Demonstration Project which achieved stable power supply with renewable energy in remote island, where power quality is greatly affected by fluctuations in power demand and power generation, by using energy storage.

Kinmen Island (270km west from Taiwan Island), where the NAS batteries are installed, has solar photovoltaic system and the wind power system along with diesel generators. The proportion of renewable energy power in daytime can reach almost 40% of total generation in the grid. Since the intermittent characteristic of renewable energy have a greater impact on small independent power grid system, Taipower introduced NAS batteries on Jan this year, as the largest energy storage system in Taiwan (at that time), to solve fluctuation of grid frequency and utilize excess renewable energy.

The NAS batteries, which has 1.8MW rated power and 10.8MWh rated capacity, consist of nine containerized NAS batteries, and connected to Kinmen Island grid. With its large capacity, NAS batteries charge excess renewable energy in Kinmen Island and discharge it in the evening (peak time). NAS batteries can contribute to maintain the stability of the grid and maximize utilization of renewable energy. In addition, the NAS battery system can provide emergency power supply to the important load when the grid encounters unexpected power failure.

Taiwan is targeting to increase ratio of renewable energy to 20% by 2025. Kinmen Island is promoted as “smart low-carbon demonstration Island” by Taipower to prepare for mass introduction of renewable energy in Taiwan main Island. Kinmen is the Taiwan's first Island to demonstrate a smart grid power system and the successful experience in this demonstration project will guide the construction of large smart grids on Taiwan's main Island in the future.

In its mid-to long-term vision NGK Group Vision: Road to 2050 formulated in April 2021, NGK Group identified carbon neutrality (net zero volume of greenhouse gas emissions) as one of its priority social issues. NGK has installed NAS batteries in over 200 locations worldwide, they are used in a variety of applications, including stabilizing renewable energy, and building smart grids. NGK’s NAS batteries will keep contributing to the development of renewable energy, reduce environmental load and realize carbon neutrality in Taiwan and the world.

  • *TSSA is the award for the achievements made by various fields who create extraordinary works and contribution in Taiwan’s practice of 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations (SDGs 17). There are gold, silver, and bronze awards for each development goals. Sponsored by TAISE.

Overview of NAS batteries in Kinmen Island

Installed place Xiaxing power plant (Kinmen Island)
Rated power 1.8MW
Rated capacity 10.8MWh
Configuration 9set of containerized NAS battery
Purpose Energy shifting of renewable energy, Peak shaving and Emergency power supply

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