Exhibition at CEATEC 2022
NGK exhibits of products that support digital society, including EnerCera, batteries for IoT devices [closed]

October 04, 2022

NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (“NGK”) exhibits its technologies in the Total Solutions Area of CEATEC 2022 to be held at Makuhari Messe (Chiba City, Chiba) from October 18th (Tue.) to 21st (Fri.). On the opening day of the exhibition, the 18th, a vice president of NGK will give a lecture on EnerCera, batteries for IoT devices, at the corporate seminar venue in Makuhari Messe.

Thank you for your attendance at the exhibition.
You can visit our online booth at the online venue until October 31, 2022.

NGK exhibition booth (Image)
NGK exhibition booth (Image)

The theme of the 23rd CEATEC is “facilitating the realization of Society 5.0, designed to further economic development and the solution of social problems, people, technology, and information from all industries and sectors will gather to envision the future through "co-creation.” In addition to the online event, it will also be held in person for the first time in three years.

Our exhibition theme is “Making smart society more comfortable by contributing to digital society with ceramic technology.” The exhibit will feature EnerCera, batteries for IoT devices that contributes to the realization of Society 5.0; a gallium nitride (GaN) wafer that improves the performance of RF devices and power devices; and bonded wafers, which contribute to the production of highly functional semiconductors and electronic components. We will also display our electronic components products using our proprietary ceramic technology, including ceramic packages for semiconductor devices and ultra-fine tube-type actuators capable of high-speed operation. In addition, we will introduce a system that secures the environmental value of renewable energy stored in and discharged from the NAS Battery, a large capacity storage battery, and enables trading of electricity.

CEATEC 2022 Outline

Dates October 18th (Tue.) – 21st (Fri.), 2022

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Lecture by Vice President of NGK

Date October 18th (Tue.), 2022 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Location Corporate seminar venue (at Makuhari Messe)
Theme Solving IoT Device Power Supply Issues! ~Realizing Social Implementation of Standalone IoT with EnerCera
Lecturer Iwao Ohwada Vice President in Charge of Global Business Creation, Corporate NV Creation

*Those wishing to attend the lecture must pre-register at the URL below.

Exhibition Contents

Exhibition products: EnerCera, GaN wafer, bonded wafers, ceramic packages for semiconductors (crystal, RF, optical), micro tube actuators, micro heaters, capacitance sensors, NAS batteries

EnerCera, a power supply for IoT devices

The ultra-compact and thin lithium-ion rechargeable battery EnerCera is a highly heat resistant rechargeable battery able to withstand temperatures of up to 105°. It is highly durable due to the use of ceramic electrodes, and it can be used as a backup power supply for devices and sensors that operate in harsh environments such as factory automation (FA) and plants.
EnerCera is characterized by its ability to store even small amounts of electricity due to its low internal resistance. Combined with power supply technologies such as solar powered energy production and wireless power transfer (WPT), EnerCera enables standalone IoT devices that can be used for long periods of time without battery replacement, such as temperature and humidity monitors for logistics. At the booth, we will introduce examples of application through videos and AR (augmented reality) exhibits through which visitors can experience specific usage scenarios of standalone IoT devices that utilize EnerCera.

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery EnerCera
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery EnerCera
EnerCera used as a backup power supply
EnerCera used as a backup power supply

Semi-insulating GaN wafer for RF devices

4-inch semi-insulating GaN wafer (left)  4-inch conductive GaN wafer (right)
4-inch semi-insulating GaN wafer (left) 4-inch conductive GaN wafer (right)

GaN wafer exhibits lower dislocation density produced by NGK's proprietary liquid phase crystal growth method. Conventional RF devices have many dislocations in their crystals because there are fabricated using substrates made of different materials such as SiC and silicon (Si). This results in the problem of decreased output and efficiency at high voltage and high frequency operation. GaN wafer has few dislocations in their crystals, which improves the performance of RF devices for 5G and 6G wireless communication base stations, various radars, and satellite communications, which all require higher frequencies and higher output.
At the booth, in addition to semi-insulating GaN wafer, we will display conductive GaN wafer for laser diodes and power devices

Dissimilar material bonding wafers (Bonded wafers)

Sintered-PZT bonded wafers
Sintered-PZT bonded wafers

Dissimilar material bonding wafers are realized by techniques of direct bonding and high-precision polishing. Combinations of different materials make it possible for bonded wafers to deliver performance and functionality beyond wafers made from a single material, such as suppressing thermal expansion, ensuring mechanical strength, and enhancing thermal conductivity.
Sintered-PZT bonded wafers and silica glass bonded wafers will be displayed at the booth.
The former is adopted PZT, which is fabricated by a sintering method, as piezoelectric material that can be deformed when electricity is applied and can generate electricity when it is deformed.
The sintered-PZT is bonded to a base material and is precisely polished. Sintered-PZT bonded wafers are applied to wireless speakers and sensors for autonomous driving. The base substrate can be selected from any materials such as silicon, sapphire, crystal, or glass. The latter consists of silica glass and base substrate made of a highly heat-dissipating material. As it can suppress heat generation, it contributes to higher performance of base station modules and antennas for high-speed wireless communications such as 5G and 6G.

NAS battery, a large capacity storage battery

NGK’s NAS battery is the world’s first commercialized large capacity storage battery capable of megawatt-level electric power storage. NAS batteries boast an array of superior features, including large capacity, high energy density (compact), and long service life, thus enabling stable, high output of electric power for long periods of time.
NGK has been working on a trial project* with Ricoh Company, Ltd. from April 2022 that utilizes blockchain technology to track all processes from renewable energy generation to consumption, including charging and discharging surplus generated electricity in NAS batteries. At the booth, we will introduce a system that visualizes the tracking status.

*NGK and Ricoh’s trial project: NGK and Ricoh to Start Renewable Energy Tracking Trial Project:

NAS battery used in trial project at  Ena Electric Power
NAS battery used in trial project at Ena Electric Power
One of Ena Electric Power’s photovoltaic equipment sites
One of Ena Electric Power’s photovoltaic equipment sites

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