NGK Decides construction of a new R&D building
Accelerating the development and promoting early commercialization of products related to the digital society

November 24, 2022

NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (hereinafter “NGK”) has decided to build a new R&D building at its head office site in order to encourage the development of products related to a digital society (“DS”). By consolidating human resources and facilities for new product and production technology development, we will shorten the lead time from basic research to product launch and achieve early commercialization of new DS-related products.

In the NGK Group’s medium- to long-term vision NGK Group Vision: "Road to 2050," contributing to DS has been positioned as a social issue that should be addressed. NGK has also set the goal New Value 1000 (NV1000) under which it aims to create a new business with sales of ¥100 billion by 2030, and to achieve this, it plans to invest ¥300 billion in R&D over a 10-year period from fiscal 2021. This investment will include the construction of the new R&D building and enhancement of facilities and equipment to accelerate the development of DS-related products. NGK aims to achieve ¥50 billion of the NV1000 target from sales of new DS-related products.

The new R&D building will be used for development of new DS-related products such as new wafers for applications including wireless communications, optical networks, and in-vehicle sensors for automatic driving, and microheaters for semiconductor mounting equipment.
In addition to the introduction of bonding and processing equipment for 8-inch size wafers, which are expected to be in demand going forward, a clean room will be installed for analysis and experimentation of cutting-edge semiconductor processes. This building will also be equipped with a photovoltaic power generation system on the roof for energy-saving. In the future, perovskite solar cells* will be installed on the walls, and renewable energy generated by the entire building will be used to reduce CO2 emissions.

Going forward, the NGK Group will provide new value for society by leveraging its unique ceramics technologies to develop and commercialize products that contribute to the DS field.

*Perovskite Solar Cell: A new type of solar cell that uses a material with a crystal structure called perovskite. They are thin, light weight and flexible, enabling them to be installed and generate power on wall surfaces and other places impossible for solar cells until now. NGK has invested in EneCoat Technologies Co., Ltd. (Kyoto), which is involved in development of perovskite solar cells.

March 28, 2022, NGK Invests in Perovskite Solar Cell Spin-off from Kyoto University

Outline of the new R&D building

Location 2-56, Suda-cho, Mizuho, Nagoya 467-8530, Japan (Head Office site)
Building area Approx. 1,800 m2
Total floor area Approx. 7,200 m2
Purpose Development of new DS-related products
Capital investment Approx. ¥10.0 billion
Start of operations June 2025
Image of the new R&D building
Image of the new R&D building

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