NGK Invests 1 Billion Yen, Concludes Subscription Agreement with Biotech Company CHITOSE Group
Collaborate on Production Technology Development for Bioproducts Using Ceramic Technologies

September 12, 2023

NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (hereinafter “NGK”) has decided to invest 1 billion yen and conclude a subscription agreement with CHITOSE BIO EVOLUTION PTE. LTD. (Singapore; CEO: Tomohiro Fujita), the leader of the global bioeconomy and the headquarters of the CHITOSE Group (hereinafter “CHITOSE”) who has been conducting the development of algae and other bio-business. By using NGK’s proprietary ceramic technologies in bio-business, NGK will add to the development of the bioeconomy that contributes to carbon neutrality.

NGK takes part as an industry structuring partner in the MATSURI project*1 run by the CHITOSE and they are progressing*2 in collaboration on microalgae separation technology using a ceramic membrane. Under this subscription agreement, the companies will collaborate across a broad area using ceramic technologies for algae and other bio-business. The collaboration aims to contribute to the commercialization of bio-products using microalgae being developed by CHITOSE in items such as fuel, plastics, foods and pharmaceuticals.

Microalgae, which play a significant role in the bioeconomy, are expected to contribute to carbon neutrality as they absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) as a raw material when producing. In “NGK Group Vision: Road to 2050”, the NGK Group’s medium- to long-term vision, NGK has positioned carbon neutrality as a social issue it needs to address and is engaged in creating new products and businesses. This collaboration with the CHITOSE will accelerate development of bio-business and contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality.

  • *1MATSURI project
    The MATSURI project aims towards the establishment of an advanced microalgae-based industry. CHITOSE has considerable expertise in large-scale photosynthetic production technologies and is leading the MATSURI project collaborating with Japanese progressive enterprises. As what MATSURI means in Japanese, CHITOSE keeps leading a festival to develop a sustainable society.

  • *2March 27, 2023: Chitose Laboratory Corp., the core company of the CHITOSE Group, was selected as the executor of "Promotion of Carbon Recycling Using CO2 from Biomanufacturing Technology as a Direct Raw Material," the NEDO Green Innovation Fund Project with a total cost of 50 billion yen (until 2030). As part of Chitose Laboratory Corp. 's research and development efforts under the project, NGK is conducting a demonstration of microalgae separation technology using a ceramic membrane.
    Participation in the NEDO Green Innovation Fund Project Accelerating Development of Microalgae Separation Technology Using Ceramic Membrane

CHITOSE Group overview

CHITOSE Group is a family of biotechnology companies leading the global bioeconomy. To live in abundance beyond the next millennium using the ability of living things, CHITOSE pursues the possibilities of biotechnology through technological and business development collaborating with its business partners all over the world.

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