AMB and DCB Substrates for Power Modules



Active Metal Brazing (AMB) and Direct Copper Bonding (DCB) substrates for Power Modules enable efficient and stable operation in inverter control devices, releasing the heat which is generated by the built-in power semiconductor.


AMB and DCB Substrates for Power Modules are products in which copper plates are bonded to each surface of a ceramic plate, which is an insulating material.
We offer Silicon Nitride-based and Alumina-based ceramic materials.
Through bonding by the AMB method and DCB method respectively, the Silicon Nitride-based ceramic plate and Alumina-based ceramic plate are integrated with the copper plate.
Those products are characterized by a high thermal conductivity and a high electric conductivity of copper, and also a high insulation property of ceramic substrate.
In the AMB method, a bonding layer with a thickness of several microns or less is achieved, the advantage being there is almost no effect on thermal resistance.
In addition, as a copper plate is directly bonded to an alumina based ceramic substrate in the DCB method, there is no brazing layer that acts as thermal resistance


Various power modules in which power semiconductor chips, such as Si-IGBT and SiC-MOSFET, are mounted
Power module units for electric vehicles, renewable energies (wind power, photovoltaic power generation, etc.), inverters for industrial use

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