Gas Analyzer

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Gas Analyzer

We handle gas oxygen analyzers (O2 meters), nitrogen oxide analyzers (NOx-O2 meters), etc. to which a zirconia ceramic sensor is applied for suitable use for various processes. As well as a lineup for the direct-insertion measurement of oxygen concentration in high-temperature gas within heating furnaces, holding furnaces, etc. for controlling fuel consumption for boilers, we have a lineup of packaging, portable gas oxygen analyzers for reflow furnaces, diffusion furnaces and other R&D uses and explosion-proof types for petrochemical plants. We also handle dust meters for continuously measuring and monitoring dust concentration in exhaust gas in the downstream from electric dust collectors to find break and defect in bag filters.

Zirconia Type Gas Oxygen Analyzers (O2 Meters)
  • High-precision gas oxygen analyzers making use of characteristics of a zirconia ceramic sensor
  • A wide coverage of measurement from low concentration to high concentration
  • The zirconia sensor applicable to direct-insertion type, direct-connection type and sampling

TF-10 |LP-30 MLP-10 | TF-II TF-III TF-IV | SH-IVD TF-SD Model TF-21/SH-30 Series Model F-30/SH-20 Series

Furnace Atmosphere Analyzers for Reductive Atmosphere Furnaces (CP Meters)
  • CP meters by means of a zirconia type gas oxygen partial pressure gauge
  • Good achievements in the metallic heat treatment industry centered about the automotive industry
  • High stability and reliability due to the use of a direct-insertion type transmitter

CP meters CP-X

Zirconia Type Nitrogen Oxide Analyzers (NOx/O2 Meters)
  • Nitrogen oxide analyzers making use of characteristics of a zirconia ceramic sensor
  • pplicable to high-speed measurement due to quick start of measurement
  • Simultaneous measurement of NOx and O2

Model TFN-21D201

Light Scattering Type Dust Concentration Meters (Dust Concentration Meters)
  • When dust is irradiated with a light, light scatters from the dust.
  • The scattering intensity of this light scattering is correlated with the dust weight concentration. The light scattering type dust concentration meter utilizes this correlation

Model ISS-101

Gas Analyzer

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