Micro Heater


Micro Heater

NGK realize ceramic micro heater with complex shape embedded heater electrode without after-processing and adhesive.
It can be developed in various uses which requires selective heating for micro area from small electronic devices to large manufacturing equipment.
We can customize the shapes and thermal performance as per cutomer's request.


  • Complex shapes

    Our unique technology of molding ceramics realizes complex shapes.

  • Miniaturization

    Our unique technology of patterning realizes heater less than or equal to 2mm of diameter.

  • High reliability

    Embedded heater electrode realizes high chemical and corrosion resistance.

Example of structure

Hollow hole shape

Hollow hole shape


Pin shape

Pin shape 1
Pin shape 2
Pin shape 3


Multiple pin/Multiple hollow hole shape

Multiple pin/Multiple hollow hole shape

Other shape

Other shape

Application example

Semiconductor equipment

Semiconductor mounting equipment

  • Collet for die bonding
  • Wire bonding tool
  • Push-up pin for IC

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

  • Nozzle for gas and chemical liquid

Industrial equipment

  • Nozzle for injection molding
  • Liquid dispensing nozzle

Medical equipment, etc.

  • Chemical heating pipette
  • Heating blade etc..

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