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Technology for Mold Cast Forming


Easily realized complicated shapes

3D shape by Mold Cast Forming

Ceramic products with complicated shape can be formed without additional machining process.

Additional function such as translucency, high strength/wear resistance and high thermal shock can be realized by selecting appropriate material.
You can select the texture and /or color of the surface of the molded product.


Molding body having homogeneous density and few defect is achieved due to little dimensional change when solidifying in a mold, compared to injection molding and plaster mold cast of conventional molding method. We meet various needs by using optimal material.

(1) Translucent alumina HICERAM(Al2O3)

High-purity alumina HICERAM with translucent and high thermal conductivity is attracting attention as a light diffusion material for solid light source.
HICERAM can be used as a sapphire substitute material with a large diameter wafer or complicated shape, because the material property value is almost equivalent to sapphire.

Sample of a molded product using translucent alumina (Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>)

(2) Zirconia (ZrO2)

Zirconia (ZrO2) is used in various industrial field as a high-strength and wear-resistant material.
It can be used for components and decorative parts of the equipment as a high-strength structural material with the texture of the surface and abundant color variation.

Sample of a molded product using Zirconia (ZrO<sub>2</sub>)

(3) Silicon carbide (SiC)

Sample of a molded product using silicon carbide (SiC)

SiC with high thermal conductivity, high thermal shock resistance, high hardness, high durability and chemical resistance, can be used in harsh environment.

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