Micro-Lens for UV-LED


Micro-Lens for UV-LED

Ultraviolet LEDs (UV-LED) are used in sterilizing and hardening resins. NGK Insulators has developed an extremely small lens with a reduced irradiation range that improves the LEDs' sterilizing effect. These lenses utilize quartz glass with superior transparency and durability, allowing them to produce complex shapes that were formerly difficult to achieve.


Lens with Cavity.

Lens with a cavity (space) to arrange UV-LED chip.

  • Higher light extraction efficiency.
  • Reliability of resin bonded products will improve by reducing UV irradiation to lens bonded surface.
  • Inexpensive flat ceramics boards can be used.
NGK product (example) Conventional
Package image and light angle※
①Light extraction efficiency※ 93%
No light absorption in package
UV rays absorbed in side wall of ceramic package
②UV illuminance to bonded surface※

Using conventional products as a base of 100

Lower UV irradiation to bonded surface
→Enhancing reliability of resin bonding
Heavy UV irradiation to bonded surface
→Require expensive metal bonding
  • Results of NGK's simulation

Arbitrary shapes (Lens/Cavity) are available

  • Shapes suitable for your UV-LED chips are available.
  • Shapes suitable for your applications are available.
  • Lenses for multi-chip package (e.g. lens array) are available.
Lens shape
These products in the picture are representative examples. Please contact us for our lineup.

Quartz glass

  • High transmittance for UV light (260nm-)
  • High durability against UV light (260nm-)
Made of quartz glass: high transmittance to ultraviolet light

Au metallized

  • UV-LEDs with high reliability are available by hermetic sealing using metal with UV resistance.
Micro-Lens for UV-LED

Optical properties (Simulation)

Feature Light angle Light extraction efficiency/Flat board Conventional product
Lens Low lens Tall lens Hemisphere lens Flat Flat
Cavity Square Dome Dome Square None
Image of Package
Light distribution and angle
77° 25° 130° 122° 108°
Light extraction efficiency 93% 93% 93% 91% 75%
UV illuminance to bonded surface

Using conventional products as a base of 100

5 9 5 87 100

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