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Director and Senior Vice President; Group Executive, Electronics Business GroupShuhei Ishikawa

Meeting Robust Demand with Timely Enhancements to Production Capacity and Expansion of New Product Sales

Results for fiscal 2017 show net sales of 61.3 billion yen and operating income of 0.9 billion yen, which represents an increase in both revenues and profits compared to the previous period. The shipment of metals, such as beryllium copper products, rose primarily for industrial equipment in the Chinese market. With regard to electronic components, since their release on the market starting in fiscal 2014, the sales volume of electronic components such as bonded wafers for mobile communications and piezoelectric micro-actuators for hard disk drives (HDDs) increased; however, demand for ceramic packages declined. Also, income for NGK's consolidated subsidiary Soshin Electric increased thanks to solid growth in demand for products aimed at industrial equipment and devices.
Please note that, from April 2018, semiconductor manufacturing equipment-related ceramics business has been transferred to the newly established Process Technology Business Group, and the above results represent a new segment base.
For fiscal 2018 we are aiming for 67 billion yen in net sales and 2 billion yen in operating income, which would represent a continued increase in revenues and profits from the previous period. For metal-related products, we expect a high level of demand to continue, primarily in the Chinese market. We will maintain our proactive marketing approach to expand sales of beryllium-copper products and new material copper-nickel-tin alloy products. For electronic components, we are expanding production capacity to meet the growing demand for HDD piezoelectric micro-actuators and bonded wafers, and for package products, we are concentrating on improving revenues for existing products while expanding our range of new products for next-generation telecommunications applications. Soshin Electric will stay focused on the steadily growing demand for industrial equipment and devices, working actively to develop markets for its core noise reduction-related products. It will also bring to market thick-film printed circuit boards for use in automobiles and multi-layered dielectric filters for use in wireless LANs conforming to new standards.

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