Process Technology Business

Future Outlook

Creating Synergy from the Fusion of Two Businesses

Capital investment in semiconductors is expected to increase further, driven by the demand for 3D-NAND flash*1 and DRAM*2 memory. Our HPC-related business sells heaters, electrostatic chucks, as well as aluminum chamber components. Susceptors are produced in Japan, while chamber components are produced in the US. Demand for both product groups is growing; therefore, we are conducting production investment and expanding domestic susceptor production on the Tajimi Plant, and chamber component production in the US.

In industrial process division, we are expanding sales of kilns for cathode materials used in lithium-ion batteries to meet the rapidly growing demand in China, refractories used for the manufacture of numerous electronic components in smartphones and other devices, and a new drying furnace that can selectively irradiate light at specific wavelength. In addition, we are also continuing to focus on engineering business such as waste treatment systems capable of processing low-level radioactive materials from nuclear power plants.

Our future goal is to create synergy between HPC-related and industrial process businesses. HPC-related business was originally generated from industrial process business. Although it has grown considerably on its own since then, we hope to maximize the synergies of the both by taking advantage of our compatibility now that we have the opportunity to work together again.

The value of our business group is to find solutions for customers by providing technologies that only NGK can offer. Therefore, we are not only promoting the fusion of highly specialized technology from HPC-related business and potentials of the product development in a wide range of fields from industrial process business, but also working on development themes from the New Business Planning Office and Corporate R&D. We believe that enhancing this value will contribute to stronger and more diverse business foundations.

The Process Technology Business Group is still young but is already an important driver for the future growth of NGK. We want to foster an open and voluntary mind respecting culture that regards maintaining the status quo as risks and challenging new things without being afraid of failures.

  • *1: Memory cells are stacked vertically in multiple layers to create highly integrated NAND flash memory.
  • *2: A type of readable/writable semiconductor memory.

Electrostatic chucks
These are used in etching and other processes for the adsorptive immobilization of silicon wafers. We are able to adapt electrostatic chucks to suit their intended use to exponentially improve the semiconductor production process. For instance, we can integrate them with high-precision heaters and attach cooling plates.

Refractory products
Firing jigs are indispensable in firing electronic components and ceramic products. Our incredibly thin and lightweight refractories help to improve productivity and save energy.

Process Technology Business

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