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Supplier Helpline

The NGK Group has established a supplier helpline to promote open, fair, and equitable procurement activities in accordance with the NGK Group Procurement Policy.

Purpose of Supplier Helpline

To promote open, fair, and equitable procurement activities in accordance with the NGK Group Procurement Policy, the NGK Group acts in accordance with various group policies, Corporate Business Principles, and Code of Conduct regardless of its level of involvement in the procurement activities.
The purpose of the helpline is to receive information from suppliers upon the occurrence of a legal violation, inappropriate action, or suspected violation or action on the part of an employee or other related person of the NGK Group in relation to a transaction with the NGK Group, thereby avoiding or rectifying problematic actions and further promoting compliance management at the NGK Group.

Operation of Supplier Helpline


Executives and employees (including those retired within the past one year) of suppliers from whom the NGK Group directly procures goods and services

Reception Scope

Legal violation, other socially inappropriate action, or suspected violation or action by an NGK Group organization or individual

Please refrain from using the helpline to slander an organization or individual or to make reports for other inappropriate purposes. Even when reports are received, they may not be accepted as legitimate if the content clearly does not conform to inappropriate action or contains falsehoods.


The NGK Group supplier helpline

torihiki-help @ ngk.co.jp


  • In submitting a report, state the whistleblower’s name, the company and department with which the whistleblower is affiliated, and the whistleblower’s contact information. In some cases, we may require an interview to obtain additional information or provide feedback regarding our response to the report. Anonymous reports will be accepted; however, depending on the content, an adequate investigation and response may not be possible. If possible, please submit documents and data that substantiate the report.
  • Personal information concerning the whistleblower will be handled with the utmost care and used only to confirm the facts or to pursue investigations.
  • Whistleblowers and the organizations to which they belong will not be subject to any unfavorable treatment as the result of submitting a report. This does not apply, however, in cases in which the report consists of slander or other intentional inappropriate content.