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Key Persons Promoting
Five Transformations

Key Persons Promoting Five Transformations

The NGK Group aims to become a company that provides new value to society through our unique ceramic technologies. We are working to transform our business structure by promoting Five Transformations.

In April 2022, we reevaluated our business segments and established the Corporate NV Creation to improve our ability to respond to changes in technology and in our operating environment. We also drafted the NGK Group Digital Vision , which aims to promote transformation at NGK, a company that have come to take the use of data and digital technology for granted. To improve short-term profitability, medium- to long-term growth potential, and ultra-long-term social performance, we adopted the NGK version of value added. These initiatives represent the start of our transformation efforts. By steadily promoting these initiatives with a sense of urgency, we will achieve sustainable growth for the NGK Group.