NGK is Exhibiting at CEATEC 2020 ONLINE [closed]

October 14, 2020

NGK will exhibit an innovative power source for IoT devices, the EnerCera battery, which will contribute to the New Normal Society

NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (hereinafter "NGK") based in Nagoya, Japan, announced that it will be exhibiting virtually at CEATEC 2020 ONLINE, which will be held from October 20 (Tue) through October 23 (Fri).

CEATEC is the largest international exhibition in Japan for the technology and electronics sectors. Due to the impact of COVID-19, this year’s exhibition will be 100% virtual for the first time. The theme this year is “CEATEC – Toward Society 5.0 with the New Normal”.

Under the corporate theme “A power solution for realizing the New Normal Society”, NGK will be exhibiting an innovative power source for IoT devices, the EnerCera battery. NGK will be presenting at both the General Exhibit Area and the New Normal Theme Exhibit Area of the virtual site.

The EnerCera battery is a compact, thin, high energy density, high power lithium-ion rechargeable battery with high heat resistance characteristics.

A variety of EnerCera battery sizes will be on display at NGK’s virtual exhibition booth. NGK will also be introducing a maintenance free IoT device concept, using the rechargeable EnerCera battery with Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) and energy harvesting technology. Furthermore, NGK will introduce IC card circuit board compatible with the short-range wireless NFC charging standard which was developed together with Fujikura Ltd. and Torex Semiconductor Ltd. These circuit boards with the EnerCera batteries will significantly improve the performance of next generation smart cards.

「EnerCera」 EnerCera Pouch(上)と EnerCera Coin(下)
EnerCera battery EnerCera Pouch (top) and EnerCera Coin (bottom)

Outline of CEATEC 2020 ONLINE

 Tuesday October 20, 2020 through Friday October 23, 2020

NGK Booth・General Exhibit Area
NGK Booth・New Normal Themed Exhibit Area

  • *Please register and log in to CEATEC 2020 ONLINE in order to view our booth.

Exhibit Materials

New Product:
 EnerCera battery 

EnerCera battery applications on display:
- Power source using Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) technology (Picture 1)

- Maintenance free IoT devices with energy harvesting technology
 - An agricultural wireless smart sensor using geothermal generation (Picture 2)
 - An environmental sensor using indoor light

- Backup power supply for high temperature environments, such as automotive and industrial applications

- Use of the EnerCera batteries with in-mold electronics and with printed circuit boards

- Card type devices
 - Electronic tags, such as RFID tag, for logistics and quality control purposes (Picture 3)
 - Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) for applications such as dynamic pricing
 - Next generation smart cards using short-range wireless communication "NFC" (First time exhibit) (Picture 4)

Picture 1 Power source for Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)
Picture 1 Power source for Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)
 Picture 2 Agricultural wireless sensor
Picture 2 Agricultural wireless sensor
Picture 3 RFID tag
Picture 3 RFID tag
Picture 4 IC card circuit board with NFC charging
Picture 4 IC card circuit board with NFC charging

EnerCera battery product site

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