Nagoya Institute of Technology and NGK Launch Innovation Laboratory Project

May 30, 2011

Nagoya Institute of Technology (President: Prof. Minoru Takahashi; Head Office: Nagoya, Japan) and NGK Insulators, Ltd. (President: Taro Kato; Head Office: Nagoya, Japan) has launched the "NGK Innovation Laboratory" and has initiated a strategic task force R&D project to develop next-generation semiconductor materials and next-generation battery materials.

Nagoya Institute of Technology (NIT) and NGK, which have had a close partnership for many years through collaborative research projects and technical advisory contracts, has launched the "NGK Innovation Laboratory", thereby intensifying NIT's laboratory institution project package. In the NGK Innovation Laboratory, NIT and NGK R&D units will cooperate together to develop new products with innovative ideas and skills, realizing next-generation semiconductor materials and next-generation battery materials. Prof. Hideki Mori, Dean of Nagare College of NIT, and Keiji Matsuhiro, Director of NGK, have been designated Director and Managing Director of the laboratory, respectively. The scheduled term for the laboratory is three years starting from April 1, 2011.

The NGK Innovation Laboratory's distinctive feature is that there are NIT's five professors with various specialties (materials, devices, processing, and simulation chemistry) and NGK's four research units that co-work together to achieve unified goals by consolidating university's science and industry's technology. Usual cooperative schemes between academia and industry normally specify one professor to conduct research on a specific task with a client. By contrast, this newly prepared scheme makes it possible to conduct research on multiple tasks on different technical aspects simultaneously, which further enables rapid implementation of R&D from fundamental research to development of mass-production techniques. The Director from NIT and Managing Director from NGK take charge of coordination of all research to effectively integrate outcomes into development of new products. The Managing Director from NGK resides at the NIT facility to purposely drive tasks forward.

NGK Innovation Laboratory's challenge is to develop next-generation semiconductor materials based on rare metal free compounds using revolutionary crystal growth techniques, and next-generation battery components based on new-frontier high ion permeability devices serving as separators. NGK Innovation Laboratory aims to create innovative products by pursuing world class cutting-edge technology and emphasizing development speed on the basis of this new scheme of cooperation between academia and industry.

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